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  1. Hi all My cap (white dome looking thing) has threaded beyond repair, anyone know where i can purchase a spare? Skywatcher EQ6 Pro Regards Rob
  2. Thanks all I do have an unmodded DSLR that i have used for Wide Angle short exposure shots, i did buy a Astronomik CLS clip in filter to help with the light pollution. I'll give that a whirl thru the scope and see what the results are, although i am tempted with a CCD (QHY8L-II) they are expensive but i dont mind splashing out for the right equipment.... And Rich, i agree, the lakes are awesome for astrophotography, and with ennerdale being an official dark sky site and a stones throw away from me, im really looking forward to packing the tent and disappearing. I do a lot of wildcamping in the lakes but somehow, i think ill struggle lugging an EQ6 and scope up scafell pike. Regards Rob
  3. Thx for the responses, my main shots will be of nebula, if all goes well... I shall take a look at the website at the 600d.. And it looks like ill be looking for a full spectrum mod if shooting nebula.. Thx again Rob
  4. Hi all I'm taking my next huge step after years of visual observing thru my wee etx 80. I am delving into astrophotography. However I have hit a snag in my research, I am wondering what type of dslr mod is required? I seem to find different mods at different prices. I have just purchased a EQ6 Pro mount and ordered a Orion ED80T CF which is a triple APO , i will be ordering a guidescooe and cam shortly. I have DIYd a 120Ah leisure battery pack consisting of 6 x car charger plugs and 4 × USB. Im an electrician, so it shouldn't blow.... The camera i am planning on buying is a 600d, is this a decent dslr? And as above, what modding does it require? Ill probs buy one used off one of the sites that sell them pre modded. The camera wont be used for daylight photography. Is it worth modding a dslr? Or should i just buy a starshoot G3 or similar priced colour CCD. I will be taking most of my images from the UK dark site at Ennerdale Cumbria as I live about 5 miles away. Hope you guys can help Rob
  5. Ok, i shall ratch on ebay... Thx
  6. I live in the UK btw and would pay £215 delivered....
  7. Is this still for sale? If so, im interested....