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  1. Bramisheu

    Hello SGL :D

    Welcome Jordan
  2. Bramisheu

    Light Pollution Filters

    It is a clip in filter, but the EOS-M filter is a different size to the EOS filter. Im using a SW 130pds with nothing else fitted, my LP isn't too bad around my local area, however, for the nights im watching the kids id like to image in the back garden, which has a couple of street lights near by. Thx Bram
  3. Bramisheu

    Light Pollution Filters

    Thx but the Astronomik doesnt fit the 600D, so its pretty useless to me. I'll keep searching and check out the IDAS P2 LPS. Bram
  4. Hi all I have bought a Canon 600D and would like to get peoples opinions on Light Pollution Filters. I have an Astronomik CLS but its for my EOS-M which i sold (waste of money as ill never use it now)i will probably sell this to at least get some £ back. I never really tried it out so not sure what its like, however, ive been looking at the Astronomik CLS CCD as my 600D is getting modified. But ive also seen a 2" skywatcher one for £26 that would fit in my adapter. Are these filters, you get what you pay for? Or are they similar but different build quality? Many Thanks Bram
  5. I had the same problem the 1st time i used PHD only the other week. The camera image was exactly the same as above, it turned out to be an error which i caused. I had somehow deleted the dark files, once i went through setting up a dark library again it was perfect. Maybe worth checking.. Bram
  6. Bramisheu

    EQ6 Pro Saddle Options

    Thanks for the responses, ill take a look through the options then get myself one... Bram
  7. Bramisheu

    SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    Its more a case of work, I wont get the time off... Bram
  8. Hi all After looking through various websites and info, i'm wondering what people use to mount their scopes to their mounts.... The standard Puck doesnt seem good enough to me, doest hold it tight enough... any suggestions? Or ways to make it better? what about this http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-dual-saddle-plate-for-eq6-mounts.html Thx Bram
  9. Bramisheu

    SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    Me and my daughter would of loved to come to this, a bit late now but ill be sure to keep an eye out for the 2018 one..... We love our camping and star gazing Bram
  10. Bramisheu

    power supply

    I built my own, Grab a leisure battery (125ah), a couple of inline fuses and some car cigarette lighter extensions. I even added USB chargers for phones etc.... It rolls in a lot cheaper than the SW ones and at 125Ah lasts a hell of a lot longer.., though you do need a charger also, which starts to creep the price up. There is some how to vids on youtube, however, im an Electrician so it helps... Make sure you read up on battery safety if you make an attempt... Bram
  11. Bramisheu

    Clear Nights

    luckily winter is normally fantastic, especially down ennerdale which is a dark site... roll on winter Bram
  12. Bramisheu

    Clear Nights

    Guys Is it always this bad in the UK? Not a clear night up here in Cumbria for weeks, or my part of Cumbria anyhow. I even bought a solar filter as it was that bad.... Since that day the sun hasn't broken thru the clouds... A very mierable Bram
  13. Just a quick note to say Thanks to everyone on SGL, for all the advice etc.... I haven't posted much but the wealth of info in the archives meant i didn't need to... Update is - I have my EQ6 Pro, Orion guide package, Canon EOS-M (Soon to buy a new Camera), Astronomik LP filter, laptop, EQ-MOD cable and a box of stuff...... Taking advice on board i bought the EQ6 and moved on from there, i already owned the EOS-M... I only need a couple more items, Orion ED80 CF and a new camera (still researching) possibly field flattener\reducer.... My advice to any novice reading this is, it costs money however, be patient as ive not got an imaging scope yet but ive still learned all about the equipment i have (ive done allsorts with an empty mount connected to a laptop ) However, I have had one slip up and bought a SW 130PDS last week to get me started, as they are fairly cheap... Which led to more money being spent on a collimator and a different bahtinov mask, as id purchsed one for my Orion, when i get it. I bought the scope to get me practicing my guiding and maybe get a half decent image..... Its taken me 18mths to get this far, but im nearly there, So, Thanks to everyone who has participated in this awesome site... Bram
  14. Them pilots have no respect... If you see someone shooting a picture, we, respectful people would walk around... not pilots tho, they refuse to fly around... lazy people I tell ya.... Bram

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