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  1. Wow Mr Charic,you seriously live in a beautifull location up there,and I have just been on Stellarium to try and get a perspective viewpoint from where you are,I really cant believe how light it is in the middle of june at midnight up there,thats just crazy !,I now understand your point in saying you will be packing the Telescope away for the season,waste of time it looks like.As to your point about seeing M31 in my 130p,you will be right I think in my having little trouble in finding it,its just that I want to see it FIRST just with my own eyes in a dark enough Sky,the challenge is finding that sky location first.If I can see that unaided then I have truly found my observing spot for serious Telescope viewing,this is my challenge at the moment,I realise that it will be very faint,and I do know EXACTLY where to look,its just that I cannot see it,my wife neither,its so damn frustrating,its really great to be chatting to somebody who is obviously into the Nightsky,your the only person I know at the moment with the interest I have,I am thinking about joining the local Astronomy club for more like minded folks,Thanks for the help,hope to chat again soon.Regards
  2. Have you actually seen the M31 Andromeda with the naked eye,that is my absolute number 1 target of mine that I have yet to achieve,Everybody seems to tell me thats its possible with Dark Skies and I have travelled to very dark areas around Doncaster (about 9 miles east from central Doncaster) in a very Rural Area and still couldnt make it out,I know EXACTLY where it is supposed to be located in the Nightsky, and the area from what I gather is about a level 4, I think on the Bortle Dark Sky Scale,so I was really dissapoiinted not to be able to still see it, even Orion was a huge disapointment,it just makes me wonder how far I have to travel to find a DARK sky.I envy you,that you can actually see it unaided.its such a frustration not being able to see it.I am new to Astronomy and am really starting to find out the problems of Light Pollution and getting good cloudless conditions,I have a Skywatcher Heritage 130p but have rarely had the chance to use it since Xmas,which is when I got it.
  3. I have had a lifelong interest in all things cosmological,but have never really had the time to really pursue the hobby,I eventually plumped to get my very first Telescope for Christmas,a Skywatcher Heritage 130P,the only problem I am quickly learning is trying to find a clear sky with a Dark Sky location around Doncaster,the Light polution in this area is dreadful.I went out last night to Idle Bank at Westwoodside,thinking this location would be Excellent,but even though a very clear night,the light Polution from Doncaster is still really bad and still couldnt see Andromeda with the naked eye.Where do people go to in Doncaster to get an acceptable Dark Sky.I am new to the hobby,but I have to admit their are already BIG frustrations with getting an enjoyable sky around here.Any advice would be very welcome.Thanks
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