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  1. Thanks all, and some useful info re telescopes Charic - I will certainly take a look! Chris
  2. Hi All Signed up a week or so ago but hadn't managed to post yet. Recently become fascinated by the night sky and this forum seems to be full of advice from friendly, knowledgeable people so thought it was a good place to start. Currently observing either naked eye or with small-aperture birdwatching binoculars while I save for something better - but over the moon (pardon the pun) to have just seen a meteor whilst waiting to see the ISS to go over this evening!! (I did just google it to make sure 'meteor' was the right term - it was an orangey glow with a long tail streaking across the sky before burning itself out, hopefully I got it right!) Anyway, looking forward to seeing more wonderful sights of the night sky! Chris
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