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  1. Haha, I might have just got lucky as generally my hands are pretty shaky I believe. But I am gonna be studying film and tv production pretty soon
  2. Actually this was taken handheld, I'm definitely considering getting a tripod though and 100% I'm gonna go out every night trying to get more images, if the weather agrees that is.
  3. I'll be honest I'm a bit of an idiot, I wanted to get into astronomy and astrophotography for ages yet I didn't start because I feel i needed to acquire a telescope or binoculars and I have a hard time justifying almost any cost in something I'm unsure about, especially since light pollution in my area can be pretty bad. Then I just realized tonight, when I should be sleeping for college tomorrow... I could just try and use my mother old camera, a NIKON Coolpix L830. And I must say for a camera so old the zoom on it is very impressive, might explain why it's still £200 in some places. I was able to get a decent photo of the moon and a lil of jupiter. Honestly I'm so happy I got ANYTHING out of this camera, and so excited I can now use it to look at the night sky (only so much my eyes can do looking at little dots in the sky in this pollution) These are quite rushed since again I should be sleeping for college but if I got used to the settings on this camera and get a tripod I'm sure I could get even better shots. Anyway enough rambling, here they are! Jupiter Moon
  4. Judging by your description, and the price, its definitely different now. Think I'm deffo gonna get it as my first scope though, especially with that second hand price, I doubt Im gonna regret it Heck even if all I can do is look at the moon (mainly due to the weather) I'll be fine with that for quite a while ,I love looking at the moon without a telescope, getting a nice close view would be lovely.
  5. Using ebay and the astroboot website The firstscope (£19.99 on ebay) + 2 1.25" Plossl eyepieces, 20mm and 4mm, same magnification to replace the provided ones (£26.20 with postage) Leaves me with a nice saving of £13.76. (Total £46.24) So I'm sure that should all be fine budget wise
  6. Astroboot? havent heard of it. Assuming its legit, ;^), the prices here for the eyepices are actually really good Taking into account postage, I may actually end up spending less then I planned, which is always good :^)
  7. That might actually be a good idea, found one on ebay already for like £20. If I ordered that soon enough, I can probably use it while I wait for the eyepieces arrive, depending on their pricing. Edit: actually the main price im seeing for firstscopes is pratically £20 all around. I can definitely say its a good idea to get one second hand then
  8. Welllll, due to some recent realizations of "oh wait i cant actually fit that big of a budget" I had to lower it down quite a bit. Not mention i've never even had a telescope before, so I was in the mindset of having something smaller and more portable, which the firscope came into mind As for my current budget, with a bit of bending I'd say around.. £60, which the firstscope by its self fits into that of course.
  9. Hello! I am back, this time with a little bit of a bit a question for people who have used the celestron firstscope, or people who just know their stuff. Basically with a bit of bending of my budget, the firstscope fits it pretty easily (possibly with a barlow) I only found out about it since I was looking around on flo, and looked in their "beginner telescopes" section, and saw it there. SO since it fits my budget, even if the weather has been terrible lately. I've always thought its good to plan things ahead. Anyways my question is simply. For planetary viewing, is it any good? does it give nice enough views? least with the eypieces included I dont expect much out of it for like, deep sky viewing, but in a general sense, what have you experiences been with it? Hopefully it'll end up being in a literal sense, a good choice for my Firstscope, haha... Thanks in advance!
  10. Of course. While my aims may indeed change, frankly since I'd like to be both balanced on deep sky objects, and planetary, my aim would most likely be to view it in a general way. Since it'd be my frist time with a telescope, I dont really have a specific aim, or plan. AS for astrophtoography, depending on how much I'd need to put out to future proof for that, I probably wont be planning for it at from the start at-least. Frankly if I had to guess.. My budget could be anywhere from £200-£300. But before I give a solid answer, I really need to sort that out first. And yeah, I'm also quite surprised by the cost, it's impressive. Also I've definitely seen people use those, online, but I probs wont want a goto myself, I'd rather search for my target, by hand. £285 though, that's quite bloody good. And yeah, chain-stores are always gonna sell lesser things for outrageous prices.
  11. Thank you~! And oh alrighty then! I have heard that more magnification is not always better. Infact I've heard that the bigger a telescope is in diameter, the more of a clearer image you'll usually get. Thanks for answering that, probs take a bit of trial and error with the focusing to get it just right, but it should be worth it. As for atmospheric conditions, that's to be expected, even though england is unpredictable. As for FLO, i'll definitely check them out. They seem to have some pretty good prices on telescopes and the accesories. And yeah, If I were to buy a telescope i'd rather want it brand new anyway. Real surprised I have not heard about FLO before this site then. Once I get a hold of my budget, I'll definitely ask around on the forums what people reccomend. Seeing large boxes full of goodies will probably be the best part. Frankly,even if the weather is not great for star viewing, the looks of all telescopes have a lovely aesthectic to them, which frankly makes them great to look at in general. Also yeah I've heard buying from a chain store, is quite the dumb idea. Though as for museum I've never heard of them even selling telescopes.
  12. Yo yo! Ti's my first time posting here, but it seems like a good place to ask such a question. Recently I've been getting into astronomy, really interesting stuff imo. And I've been considering getting a telescope (if the weather clears up within the next few months). Currently I'm just viewing by the naked eye, but since it's been a full moon I was unable to see as many stars as I would otherwise. But I'll stop rambling and get to my question. Basically, I've always really accosiated the view of telescopes being just, unclear and blurry. Mainly because I always saw it as strange towards if you can really get a good view, that of course isnt too blurry, just by zooming in and focusing a bit with a telescope. Is that just a misconception of mine? or are telescopes usually rather blurry? Sorry for my newbie question, ahah. My second question is where exactly I should look for a telescope if I do decide to buy one. I'm in the UK by the way. That should be all for now. Any and all replies are appreciated. Thank you~
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