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  1. Good to know about the makers and the alignment. That being said, the one I'm looking at is about $200 less than a new non-computerized one of the same size. If i can turn off the computer, then at worst it's just an 8" dob, and at best I can try out the computer when the setting is good.
  2. Thanks so much! I will keep those things in mind when I'm looking!
  3. Do you have any experience with buying a second hand scope? Anything that you think I should keep my eye out for if I get a chance to see this scope in person before purchasing?
  4. Hey so I'm on the market for a first telescope, and after a lot of consideration I decided I would get an 8" dobsonian. I was thinking I would get the Sky Watcher 8", but I managed to find an Orion 8" Intelliscope from 2008 on sale in the local classifieds. The price is $350 Canadian, and it seems to include a padded carry bag for the tube, but I'm not sure whether the seller is including a finder scope or any lenses. Is this a good price for this scope? How do Orion dobs compare to the Sky Watcher ones? I'm mostly looking to find night sky objects on my own, and I doubt I'll use the computer all that much, so can I still use the mount to look for objects on my own? For the price it seems worth it considering an 8" is about $550 w/ tax here new. Thanks.
  5. Yeah I think I agree, I've been asking around in other places and I've visited a few shops and every time I consider a scope other than an 8" dob, I just turn around and go back to the 8". Seems like the pros outweigh the cons every time for a beginner.
  6. Wow, I never imagined anything so comprehensive was out there. I'm just getting into the hobby and I've been startled at every turn at how dedicated a lot of people seem to be! Thanks for your reply!
  7. So I'm on the lookout for a first scope and I found an advertisement for a Meade 2060 LX6 in my local classifieds for $675 CAD. I tried looking up this particular scope and it seems that it's an older model, so there isn't much to be found in the way of reviews or manufacturer information. Does anyone have experience with this type of scope? Would it be good for a beginner? It's just a little above my price range, considering that I was looking into getting a SkyWatcher 8" dob ($550 CAD). It seems as if the guy is offering a mount a fork mount along with it, as well as some other accessories. Here's the original text of the ad: Clean MEADE 2080 LX6 wide field schmidt cassegrain telescope with Meade wedge (with fine tune knob), heavy field tripod (large enough for 10"), Meade LX6 quarts drive fork mount with Hand box and Meade dec motor installed, 8x50 finder, piggy back mount and choices of either a celestron visual back and diagonal (1.25) plus a Vixen 20mm NPL eyepiece or Celestron Plossl 26mm. OR a Meade 2" hybrid back with 1.25" insert one one of the above eyepieces and front cap. Note: front cap does not sit fully as I have replaced the collimation screws with knobs for easier collimation. I can put the original screws back in for you but you collimate. The inner coating on the corrector plate is faded in one section from a cleaning years ago. No idea why that happened but dos not effect viewing so never bothered me. The LX6 line-up was designed with a bright f6.3 Multi coated optical group (1280mm fl) as opposed to the usual f10 2100+/- set ups in most 8" sct scopes. These were designed for brighter, wide field viewing where nebulae, star fields and the like were more targeted than high-power planetary viewing and are great for imaging purposes. That said, lots of aperture for higher power eyepieces and the Saturn rings are easily made out even from my part-country location at 26x or more. Venus in phase is brilliant (it is in phase now with a lower crescent position.) $675 for set up 1 and $775 for set-up 2. These are not toys. This is not a goto. Also includes Meade travel case and literature. Located 1/2 hr west of NewMarket. Thanks.
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