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  1. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and very useful advice. I will be using a DMK for planetary,and a modified DSSR (cannon) for winter deep sky work. If all goes well and I can achieve something that half compares to work here, then I wiil be hooked and move to reducers and flatteners,and a dedicated cooled ccd, and fab filters and, and,........ and a road to financial ruin :) Would be worth it. Thanks............
  2. Good day I have an equinox 120 ed pro that has never been used! The scope was bought to have a look at the planets,However,I would like to know if it can be used to image nebulae etc. If so,what camera would be useful with this scope on an HEq5 mount? Note it is an f7.5 scope. Thanks.
  3. I asked for a little help....................thanks for your concern Alexandra. I am not going to get any help here
  4. Hi, I am shifting to white light only. Will be getting rid of my Ha equipment , but am not allowed to sell on this site as I do not have enough 'Points". However,am I allowed to ask you guys for advice on what I can ask price wise for the equipment so that the buyer will get a square deal? Thanks.
  5. wow Been a member since 2009.Have 165 posts.Not trusted to sell some things that I bought on this site. Unfair or what.Been away for a bit...may be longer now!
  6. Hi, I have been away for some time,and now I am back,and would like to sell How do I do it? Thanks All.
  7. Hi....mod vixen 80 with Derf,etalon and BF 15!
  8. Hi.Time flies.Had very little of it to devote to telescopes unfortunately. However,yesterday I had the chance,and the sun was too inviting to pass . I am a little out of practice, and the wind was a real problem so that getting focus was almost impossible. But hey, here is a pic of a large prom from the northern rim, and an animation of a smaller prom on the opposite rim. The time lapse was about 24 frames over two hours. Each frame was processed from 24 x200 frame avis.
  9. Just got set up with some new Ha gear,to do a lot of summer imaging.But hey,am I glad I did not buy that expensive Baader solar wedge yet? Where are the spots?? We should be approaching a maximum...but it seems not...we could be going into a Dalton Minimum, or worse yet, even the Maunder Minimum?:eek:. OMG......that could even mean the start of a mini ice age:eek:. Does this mean that Al Gore really is an arrogant and uninformed t.t??:mad:
  10. Hi..... My mount is out at present,so I am trying to get on with learning the dark art of image processing .Unfortunately,I do not have any grayscale images taken through red,green and blue filters together with the appropriate lumin image. I have photoshop c3 and fit liberator set up.Can any one help with some images.....If not fit format,no worries,I can convert . Thanks Gordon.
  11. Hi....Have a bash with gif animator..Very useful and deals with videos and lots of pic formats...animation is a breeze when all the images are ready.
  12. Oh dear,Fermi once worked out quickly,on a scrap of paper, that we should have been visited by 'aliens' many times by now,and ,starting long ago! But where are they? It seems that we must be alone in the universe (improbable),or be the most advanced of life forms as yet,or that space time warping and worm holes etc.,are not a possibility.If light speed speed is an absolute, our nearest neighbours ,if more advanced,simply may not have had time for their messages to reach us YET,assuming the ability to send powerful enough signals,and even less chance for their 'vehicles' to travel that distanc
  13. Hi, I need to power my HEQ3,a dmk camera,and a 16volt imput laptop computer. I have an inverter,but hate using it ....more wires!!! I would like to use a 110ah leisure battery(is that big enough in ah?), and need to know what is available to bump up volts to 16 for the lap top....the mount I presume can drive straight of the battery???? Also just one more thing...the lead I have to the mount has a car cigarette lighter input at one end.....if I cut the wires,to join to the battery,which one is +ve...the solid black or the black with a grey interrupted line. Note the lap top is 16 volts and
  14. Well this might be a reasonable starting place:) Pictures of the Sun
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