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  1. I bought a scope recently in similar circumstances from someone who had been given it as a gift and knew very little (priced reasonably). Visually checked for any dings and any markings or discolouration on mirrors. Got it out onto the street in daylight so could get a long range view and brought it to focus on a chimney in the distance. Powered the mount and made sure the controller had basic functions - your axis drives prob would need new batteries and could be seen working. Then it's a matter of price. Trawl a few sites like ebay, here, astrobuysell to gauge a decent price. I saw their advert on gumtree, so cash sale and collected. If you post then you could get caught up with timewasters, or scope could lose collimation during its mishandling by couriers. Current new price for yours is £380 for scope and mount, £100 for dual axis drives, polar scope £37 The drives and polar scope would sell separately, but you might want to try the whole package first. Is it 70% of new price as a guide for selling?, though a 150PL sold in march for £102 on ebay
  2. pm sent
  3. Have you tried winding the focusser massively - your focus is too close right now and the focusser needs to be towards the other end to move from close up to far away
  4. The focus knob takes a lot of turning to get from terrestrial focus to the moon/stars focus. Try with the 25mm eyepiece on the moon - that should give you a decent view. The standard 9mm eyepiece is a bit rubbish. You will probably notice the whole thing vibrates when you touch the focus knob - lots of people attach a lever to it (like a clothes peg) so you can use a fingertip and reduce vibration. I found a toy ships wheel made out of thick card which pushes over mine on a Skymax 127
  5. Sorted thanks to ensoptical
  6. Depends how old it is. Older ones might be 0.965", whilst newer ones 1.25". Converters from 0.965 to 1.25 are available. Probably ebay for cheap eyepieces to try
  7. I would also ask how you are powering the mount? Batteries or a power pack? Or how much backlash/wear is in the gears, and whether any are worn. Your mount should really get a target in the finderscope at worst.
  8. Looking for a used 8x50 or 9x50 right angle erected image finder with SW fit base, please
  9. help

    Are you sure it's an 8" LX90 as that's a pretty high end unit. Is it a short tube ETX90 or long refractor? Manual alignment or autostar?
  10. Before you pull the gun on a new 1300D, have a look at modded cameras. You could get a secondhand modded camera quite cheap which gives you a budget for lenses and accessories too. If you don't want to spend £50 on a Carl Zeiss lens, then there are lenses like the Helios 135mm f2.8 which go for under £20 on an m42 thread. Your local secondjand camera shop should have a few decent lenses knocking around, fixed focal primes being better than zooms
  11. It's reasonable if you can fill the case with other stuff off their site
  12. There's one on astroboot, A6 condition as the base is detached, but looks bodgeable. For £8.30 plus p&p would make it near £25-30
  13. Cheapastrophotography do a used modded 1100d for £250, though £300 gets you a used 550d which has the 640x480 movie crop mode which is good for planets. Otherwise its a case of waiting for a something in the used ads
  14. Why not get one of your Canons dual modded?
  15. From what I've read the actual Meade ETX ota are really good quality, but the mounts aren't in the same league. They do generally go for a premium price over the Skymax though. The maks do need a cooldown period, dew shields, and maybe even heater bands too.