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  1. This has made a few people who don't understand why I like to look up appreciate it a bit more...
  2. EQ6 then..... I guess the pro also as I would want the go-to (although I really want to learn the sky myself also) and I'm not sure on the standard EQ6 and then adding on the go-to; ok I could then do it in stages but cost wise it makes no sense and it does not look as pretty!!!
  3. Its new but has anyone tried one of these? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hercules-Computer-Technology-4780428-Dualpix/dp/B000JHZWRK Being HD I wondered if it would give improved resolution and better images?
  4. Ok - I'm still thinking on this but this might be my plan: LXD 10" courtesy of Steve Mount (EQ5 or 6, not sure which yet depending on co$$$$$t) ED80 This should do? 4" Tasco type tube can then be given to kids to play with.... ps - whats the big difference between: EQ5 and 6 and then both of these against a Fork mount?
  5. So Basically buy as many scopes as I can!!! Oh, and once you buy them the sky coulds over so you can't use them.....right?!!!! Thanks all, my head hurts! :shock:
  6. Thanks Steve! All made sense and understood! I think I now know what I have to do and what I want-the final bit will be seeing if someone local has something similar.....the local club beckons! 8)
  7. Hmmmmm budget....well in an ideal world as little as possible but if I could go up-to £1500 then that should do it? Lots of scopes for me too look at and at least I know where to get it all from, thanks Steve. Whats the issue with a 10"? Is it just weight? I'm not too worried about weight as I can add it in as part of my 'gym' routine!!! So; 1) Is there a BIG difference when looking through a 8 to a 10" (other than price!!) 2) If I had a skywatcher and a Meade (8 or 10) looking at M42 would I see a difference? 3) I can still image with this right? I could then add a ED80 at some point (anyone got a link?) , maybe at the same time depending on ££££- can I piggyback this or put on its own mount? Lastly,anyone tried using one of these for some imaging (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hercules-Computer-Technology-4780428-Dualpix/dp/B000JHZWRK) - it's failry new but is HD (720p I think)? I'm sure I have provided humor to those that know but I gotta ask!!!
  8. ok - lots of great advice - only one small prob is that I'm not entirely sure what it all means! So, I guess I need to do some reading and learning! So, how about if I went for a 8 or 10" Skywatcher/Meade with a EG5 or EG6 Mount and then also go something like a star travel 80 also? Does this make sense? I guess I need to know: 1) Is there a big difference between a skywatcher (8 or 10) and a Meade LXD (8 or 10) - like quality, usability, optics, photography? 2) Why is imaging so much better through something like a ED80 (??) - is that something like the above Star Travel? I don't want to buy stuff that I will outgrow as once I convince the better half I would have a hard time re-convincing her I need more.....I would get a slap! :whip2: Your time and patience with me is much appreciated!
  9. Knowing what you know now....if you had to start new, what scope would you go for? I'm a newbie who has been playing with a 4" Tasco type tube which although gives not very good images, no tracking and rubbish mount has made me want 'more'! So, I was thinking of something like the LXD75 10" and as a review on this site looks into, possibly upgrading the mount. OR I could save lots of money and go for a LX200, or Celestron, or I could go for a Skywatcher? All very different price ranges..... So, what do I want to do? Well a bit of everything but I do see myself getting into astrophotography/imaging as I think this is a great thing to do and to share with other around you. I also want to get my kids into it at an early age..... So, what would you do - now that you know.....? ps - if this is in the wrong place then feel free to move it....
  10. Hi Steve/All - thanks for the replies..... this very well might be something I would want to do then.....and I guess I could call in and get this done by you? Now to convince the better half! Chris
  11. Hello, newbie so apologies on the question.... Is there a big difference between this mount and the standard one that comes with the LX? Or, can you buy the tube only and then get a different mount? I'm looking into this scope as a purchase and also like this mount, but don't fany buying a scope and disregarding the mount if it is ok....? help! :shock:
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