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  1. Hey Paz. I'm thinking of getting the 28 x 110s are they good for looking at planets or should I go for telescope. I have thehekios apollo 15 x 70s which I love but just want to get in that little deeper. How do the 110s fair out
  2. I was afraid of that John. Sort of quested that would be the case but was hoping I would get away with it. Any recommendation for a solid tripod for big bins
  3. Hey guys. Looking for advise from any one who has a horizon 8115 heavy duty tripod. It's fantastic for my 15 x 70 Helios apollo, I'm seriously looking to get the 28 x 110s but as they are very expensive I don't really want to be spending more cash on another tripod. Would they be ok to hold the bigger bins. Cheers and TIA
  4. Class man. Can't wait to hear about them. What are they like compared to your small bins
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