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  1. Hi, from north of France, I enjoy looking the Moon with my binoculars (25×100 Celestron). I am satisfied with my drawings of craters; but I fail to draw the relief -the mountains or smaller- how do you draw them? Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Congratulations for this long term action. Each 1th it's pleasant To get à program. Â suggestion : in the next édition, insert à cloudsweeper as gift.
  3. Enjoy myself with a 25*100, when the shy is not cloudy. When i point toward the zenith, the 2 optical tubes slip along the central axis. Is anybody solved this problem ? and how ? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everybody, Thanks to welcome me on board ! I'm 64 and like to use my celestron 25×100 binocs, as much as the weather is convenient ; but this season i'm not lucky ! My P mount is an ukrainian one from Astrodevices.net. From time to time i use to astro DIY - to demonstrate later-
  5. I'm happy owner of 25×100 CELESTRON binos, i want to know : a) is really an improvement to use grey filter for lunar observation ? b)is it possible to screw filter on these oculars ? Thanks for your help.
  6. http://astrodevices.net/mounts/parallelogram-standard-ii-pro Ukrainian P mount cheap and solid.
  7. Hi, I'm newcomer here but i have an Astrodevices (Ukraine) P mount. It is a good piece of metal, well done and easy to improve. Valentin, the engineer is really a pleasant guy and want to satisfy his buyer ; be sured you are doing a good choice. I have open a thread about it : http://www.webastro.net/forum/showthread.php?t=146268
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