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  1. All of the Orion links did not work for some reason but you can just look at what it says in the link
  2. Yes, the reason for the extreme coma is because I have an eyepiece between the camera and the telescope. I have tried putting the camera directly into the telescope but It would not focus. I did use a Barlow after that but I did not like the images and it still had coma from the Barlow. (it could have been the really cheap Barlow) Anyway I plan on getting a completely new setup soon that will not require any Barlow or lens. Here it is: FINAL ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY SETUP https://www.binostore.com/en/accessories/tripod/eq3-synscan-computerized-mount--power-supply-220v/ $584.00 http://www.telescope.com/Astrophotography/Astrophotography-Telescopes/Orion-ED80-80mm-f75-Apochromatic-Refractor-Telescope/pc/-1/c/4/sc/19/p/9895.uts?sortByColumnName=SortByPriceAscending $460.00 http://www.telescope.com/Orion-70mm-Multi-Use-Finder-Scope/p/102777.uts?keyword=finder%20scope $110.00 http://www.telescope.com/Orion-StarShoot-AutoGuider/p/52064.uts?keyword=auto%20guider $280.00 Total: $1,434.00 Does this setup sound good? Also thanks for all the feedback.
  3. This was my first time going to a dark site and imaging. Because I don't have a motorized mount, I took 500 light frames, (1.3'' exposures) 50 dark frames, and 50 bias frames. I used DSS and then Adobe Lightroom after that. Not bad for first attempt? List of my setup: Orion SpaceProbe 130st Reflector Telescope EQ-2 Mount Canon 450d
  4. Which flat frames did you end up using? 1/50 or 1/100?
  5. Thanks a lot I will start researching and let you go to bed
  6. I am using a 130st on an equatorial mount. In this image I took 90 pictures all at 1.3" exposures. I also took 20 dark frames and 20 bias frames. I am using a 25mm eyepiece with no Barlow. I am quite new to this so thanks for the quick responses. Also, I plan on getting a motorized mount soon, so if I am correct it should be a lot easier.
  7. I just got into astrophotography and I am having a problem with elongated stars. Stars will look fine in the middle of the picture but as you move further outside the stars start to get all messed up and elongated. I have a feeling it is from the adapter I am using to connect my Canon 450d to my telescope but I am not for sure. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong or how to fix it? Thanks (Image of the Orion Nebula in heavy light pollution was just testing)
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