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  1. That sounds like a good plan if I can even find it. That's gonna be tough to spot, I've had trouble finding mag 9 +. Luckily it stays quite clear here so a few nights might be doable.
  2. Ok guys, So I was reading an article in Astronomy magazine about finding and viewing Pluto. According to them, Pluto can be viewed with an 8" scope and great conditions coming up next week to mid July....supposedly. It will be transiting nearly in front of a star (I'll have to find the SAO #, don't have the magazine with me at the moment) making it a little easier to find I'm guessing? I haven't seen any posts about the little fella (didn't look very hard). So who has seen it? I'm imagining a dark shadow about the size of a grain of sand. I have an 8se and I plan driving a little ways to get to high ground and better my chances if future skies cooperate. But not gonna try if it wouldn't be worth it.
  3. Thanks for the inputs guys. I'm gonna try a few different ideas over the next few weeks.
  4. Good evening everyone, So I've had about 10 nights out since getting my first scope a few months ago. I've been having a great time, but I find myself just hopping around. To keep it short, I've seen Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, about a dozen messiers and a few variable/double stars, so I know what I'm looking for through the EP at this point. I was considering going constellation by constellation, searching out what is in 1 or 2 constellations each session. Do any of you have a "plan" for your nights out gazing? Or a way to be more organized with viewing?
  5. I have this guy. 20 bucks on amazon and well worth it, I believe! That's good to hear. I immediately jumped to a difference in the ep's before considering the camera. From the above posts and re-examing the images, I see that there's not really a difference in color, just a change in the brightness
  6. I have the Celestron model. It was about $60, so a reletively cheap ep to get me started and I have no complaints with it
  7. Thanks. I have an adapter that mounts to the ep and holds the phone steady. Lastnight was the first time I tried it and was impressed how well my phone camera captured it. Yeah I'm in Sicily at sea level (I'm assuming is the issue?) so I get to experience the distortion/dispersion. Looking at the planets they "wobble"
  8. Ok, I was adjusting the exposure and zoom in the camera as I was taking them so that would explain it.
  9. Hey everyone, I have yet another query.... So, attached are 2 pics I snapped with my phone last night. The first was taken through a zoom ep at about 12mm. The second was through a 25mm plossl. I see a noticeable color difference, so my question is which one is true? or better yet, which eyepiece yields the truest color? I have also seen it mentioned that sct's take away some contrast, but do ep's also have an effect on this?
  10. I was just curious about the magnification with barlows. No plans to get one. I considered a 9mm and a 30 or 40mm when I was buying my scope and the zoom offered an inexpensive alternative in the higher magnification range. I noticed that I actually stay at about 12mm when observing due to the image suffering if I dial in any more. Thanks for your suggestion!
  11. Thanks! Obviously I'm new to this haha. I'm trying to relate to terms that I know well (photography terms). I'm seeing a difference in photography/astronomy terminology to some degree. On that note, one thing that has been bothering me is that in photography, f/(insert number) is the aperture that a lens allows, but when it comes to telescopes I'm seeing this reffered to as fastness/slowness....input?
  12. I have an 8se. I stayed away from buying an ep set due to input from SGL folks. I have the 25mm that came with the scope and also got a celestron 8-24 zoom. I didn't get a barlow because I read, like you said, to stick to a few ep's that are low, med, high. The zoom is good for now until I get some funds built up, but I've been looking at a 30 or 40mm because I get too much magnification from the 2 that I have (lunar/some dso observing made this obvious to me). I was just curious about the barlows. I actually haven't felt the need/want to get one. I saw a great difference in lunar observing with the Plossl and the zoom that I have. I'm the kind of person that is skeptical when it comes to things like "a certain type of something is better than another". Put another way, I saw that the Plossl lens gave sharper detail.
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