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  1. Thanks Peter - I picked up an Orion Finder. Waiting for the crazy winds and clouds to reprieve.
  2. Good Evening. I just unboxed my first scope ever. I have a ASI120MM that I am attempting to mount on a Explore Scientific 8x50 scope to use with PHD2. I have no clue what adapter is needed to join the 1.25" OD tube with the eye piece which is also 1.25" OD. This doesn't even begin to address focus. The other VooDoo is not overwhelming. The challenge is not being in a place to touch the solution on the shelf. Any "Guidance" is much appreciated. Thank you. Ron Virginia City, NV ES AR152 with Bresser EXOS2 EQ Mount Nikon D5300 for AP ASI120MM with ES8x50 Finder
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