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  1. A great weekend at Kielder with great company at a fantastic location. We had to wait for clear skies but we were eventually rewarded with some cracking conditions. I ticked off 16 deep sky objects, uranus, a few shooting stars and managed to get some photos too.. A widefield of the summer triangle Pleiades rising Pleiades close-up my first ever star trails! thanks to everyone who went for making it such a good weekend.
  2. I'm pretty sure Damian was taking delivery of a new bit of kit in Leeds this morning... he can hang it in front of the real thing and block out its light
  3. nice images Vicky, glad you all got out and had some fun, wish i'd come but i would have fallen asleep at work today! (5hr meetings are not fun!)
  4. Think i managed to bag one too.. just!! (bottom left of frame, below the double cluster) PS Great Pics Vicky and Soupy. good night last night, enjoyed my first WADAS outing... :-)
  5. looks promising if this it to be trusted..
  6. Thanks Damian. see you there hopefully
  7. Loving the bubble Dec..! I'm interested in Winscar, where abouts do you meet?
  8. There would have been room in the the Van for the Dob, but hauling it up the moutain may have proved a challenge, Damian :-)
  9. Hi All I have just returned from a 2 week road trip to Slovenia. I was lucky enough to spend a night in a mountain hut at 2,000 ft above sea level, and me and my mate made a midnight expedition to Slovenia's highest lake, Krnsko Jezero, which was miles from the nearest civilization. As its quite a long way south (similar latiitude to northern Italy) the skies were dark and we were treated to some great views of the constellations you dont get to see so well from the UK, saggitarius, scrorpuis etc and Saturn at a decent eleveation. the milky way was amazing, could see the dark bands near Cygnus. didnt have a decent camera with me, but it was one of those moments just to savior, rather than messing about with a camera. to add to the ambience, the sky was lit by flashes from a distant thunderstorm, and the whole scene was reflected in the lake, framed by mountain peaks. definatley a night to remember! look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting, or a Persied meet up, if weather permits! Welcome to the forum Big Beard!
  10. Hi There I've been away on holiday hence the delyed reply. i followed this tutorial by wwgeb on youtube: (he also does a tutorial for the controls on the right hand side and its well worth trying both)
  11. Through the scope, using a low power. I captured the trapezium and a bit of nebulosity with some single shots. unfortanately i didnt keep the images as i didnt think they were that good, they werent very well focussed..
  12. Hi there sorry i missed your other message. My Jupiter was done using video. I didnt play around with my settings that much, as it was a first attempt. just checked the settings i used and they were basically all default except for the time delay. When i took that image Jupiter was much higher in the sky than it was last night! It was also much darker too so maybe that was the problem last night? there is an exposure compensation function in open camera (which i think equates to ISO) which may be the key to unlocking better images. i was going to experiment with that last night, but the cloud didnt clear! I did try it on the orion nebula earlier in the year.. wasnt particularly impressed with the result! but then, i didnt really know what i was doing then! I will definatley have another go ast some DSOs when its darker out there, and i know a bit more about processing.
  13. I enjoyed Saturday, depsite being quite new to the society and not really knowing what to say to people, once you get talking abot a hobby with someone who is passionate and interested its easy though! I was a bit concerned that it was raining when i arrived but there was good turnout from the good folk of Horbury. it was fun playing hide and seek with the PST and the sun too! And If one of the people i spoke to turns up to a meeting it was a few hours well spent. Kudos to Vicky and Nick for their efforts, as well as the others who pitched in. And the hurricane, which was clearly waiting for me to leave before making its arrival! Ben
  14. Do you just hold your phone against the eyepiece? for just over a tenner you can buy a bracket which helps enourmously!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0188KP6T8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. I'll look forward to seeing your results!
  16. Its just called "Open Camera" and is available on the play store. you can do stuff like set a delay timer, set voice activated exposures (to avoid accidental movement) set the ISO. The right hand image is just the left one processed using the wavelet function in Registax. I tried the same with my saturn image but just couldnt coax any detail out!
  17. Love that you captured a transit shadow on that jupiter pic!
  18. At first i didnt think i would bother investing in more expensive kit, i live in a light polluted town with few opportunities to use it, but i think i am getting bitten by the bug, and now i've seen whats possible with basic kit I'm intrigued what could be achieved with a specialist device. I guess whether its worth investing boils down to how much you will use it. Im no expert on imaging equipment, I'll leave commenting on that to those with more experience but i was intrigued by the reccomendation of the Neximage 5 by a poster above. cost wise it would fit the bill for me. One frustration i have with using my phone is its a devil of a job lining up the camera with the eyepiece, although im getting better with practice. however on the flip side its, convenient, portable and doesnt require a laptop. I use open camera software as it allows me to tweak the settings a bit more than the standard bundled camera app, but im not sure how well that will work on an iPhone. I think we should expect to get more detail if saturn was higher in the sky, the lower an object in the sky the less detail you will get. have you tried Jupiter? i was able to resolve the three bands and the GRS without any processing when it was at opposition, and i was really able to get some definition using Registax... I guess it being darker then helped too.
  19. Hi Shera it sounds like you're at a similar stage and using similar kit to me. heres an image i got at the weekend with my Motorola G3 phones camera and a 5" Muksatov with 10mm eypeice. not too dissimillar I would have thought? you seem to have got a nicer more natural colour than me though. Definatley removing the window helps!
  20. I was in the lake district at the weekend and was lucky enough to get some scope time on saturday night, the seeing was dreadful (saturn being low, and the lakes themselves probably dont help - saturn was doing the cucheracha in my eyepiece!) but i managed to get this image (180 stacked AVI frames) at 150x with my 5" Maksutov and my phone camera. I have a feeling it will be about the best i can hope for with saturn this year. hopefully it'll whet your appetite for when its better placed / in darker skies!
  21. Topping off a really good night, think I saw a noctilucent cloud on the way home from the Cinnamon Lounge! Although typically, by the time i got home to my 'proper' camera, the cloud has rolled in!
  22. Thanks for the kind words Vicky, and nice pic yourself, my attempts were thwarted by cloud, although i took the opportunity to get all arty!!
  23. Been having a bit of a play with the wavelets in Registax this afternoon... Its incredible how much detail is there, just hidden away!
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