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  1. @r3i maybe that’s the best idea. It will also save me the trouble of carting the fork and tripod a few hundred miles form its current location. I can take the ota for immediate use and deal with the bulk later, and easier re-sell. Did you have any handles or anything on it? Or was it easy to mount and manipulate once it was deforked? I will have to mount and de mount for each session.
  2. Thanks. I don’t know ukabs — I’ll talk a look. The other thought is... maybe I keep the fork but get rid of the tripod, and use the fork on my iOptron pier... if there is a suitable adaptor plate..
  3. Not totally sure what forum is most appropriate for this post... I have two questions... 1. — Does anyone have experience of putting rings or a dovetail on a Meade OTA? Would anyone recommend one way or another? And any specific products? 2. — Do you think I could sell the LX90 fork mount without the OTA? As the local expert in all things telescope, I’ve been tasked to deal with an 8” Meade LX90 by someone who doesn’t use his (there is a small chance it could be the lx200 but I wasn’t paying attention when I was last visiting). All things being equal, I’d like the OTA to keep for myself since I don’t have an SCT and this is essentially being gifted to me if I want it. However, I have a CEM60 on a pier and have no interest in the Meade fork mount. Also, I think the present owner for sentimental reasons would prefer I got the use out of it rather than just selling everything - though he is realistic too. The mount is in good condition with all the bits and a couple of accessories like a wifi adaptor. I personally just have no use for it. Or am I being stupid and should just sell the thing as a package including the OTA?
  4. Right... maybe I’ll see if I can switch it then.
  5. Did you get the Prominence or the Chromosphere version? I too have just got one this week and trying it out this weekend. I got the prominence one and I’m wondering if I made a mistake. Even with relatively decent seeing (according to meteo blue) I couldn’t see any proms visually. I was recommended the prom over the chromosome by the shop because he said you see more in poor seeing. I’m using it on a WO 71 GT. It was ok when I used a camera but a little underwhelming. At least with a chromosphere one I’d imagine I’d be seeing something on the disk... That said, I may yet be using it sub-optimally...
  6. Not necessarily a great solution since it’s going east not west... but the Flamsteed society attached to the Greenwich Observatory has monthly evenings on Blackheath which is surprisingly good for London. They will have the info on their website, though I suspect with shorter nights they won’t be doing them over the summer.
  7. Hello! Good to have you here. I’m in London which is very bad too (worse than New York and LA) - but I suspect Tokyo might be most light polluted of all!
  8. All looking very exciting. Been busy and had poor weather (one great clear night though) so not a lot of eaa time for me -but I’m looking forward to seeing the colour features!
  9. @laser_jock99 I think that sums it up! I think for eaa it may be a luxury I don’t need. Thanks all! I still like the ability to move the mirror on the ONTC. But again... maybe that’s a luxury not worth it, since for 600 euro I could buy a new ota for visual as well.
  10. I think you’re right. Maybe it would be best to merge these posts into EEVA Discussion and make it an “EEVA Equipment and Discussion” section. I didn’t realise this section was here until recently.
  11. @JamesF @umasscrew39 a good explanation about short and long exposures and some other things around this is here:
  12. Yes -- it is. It is really good. If you like that the Annals of the Deep Sky books are really good too. Not just galaxies but a range of objects. The Cambridge Photographic Atlas of Galaxies is also a favourite - more pictures but plenty on the astrophysics too. I'll post images later -- but I tried Arp 105 last night and completely failed to even find the thing... I plate solved to get there so it should be in the image, but there's nothing there. I even got the maps out and struggled to place it manually.
  13. @cabfl did you have one? Anything else you liked/disliked? My camera load should be light with under 1kg on a baader steeltrack. Plus this is mainly for eaa on galaxies so I’m going to be using a small chips or ROI. Edge coma I’m not too worried about, focus stability I’m not too worried about since I have a motor focus and exposures are going to be 0.1s - 30s, mainly under 10. As I understand it, collimation stability is more key for me. Do you think that will still have issues for flexion and expansion? I saw someone on CN with tilt problems but that in the end seemed to be his camera to focuser.
  14. Thanks for pointing that one out - interesting forces and structure there. I have been looking forward to going through the Arp catalog, there’s some really fascinating objects. I just got a book with the original plates and I’m really interested to see what I can get from my back garden with modern equipment versus what Arp could see from Mount Wilson. Alas it’s been very cloudy over the past week and haven’t had a chance to do anything. Perhaps tomorrow...
  15. Thanks all. I currently have a 6" f4 which I've liked a lot. But you know... aperture... I have a sesto senso and actually, @iPeaceI was thinking of doing exactly as you have and switching the UNC focuser for a Baader Steeltrack. Did they charge you extra for it in addition? Or just the price difference of the Baader? My gut is certainly that the extra €700 for the ONTC is probably not needed for what I'm using it for. The main thing I like on the ONTC is being able to move the mirror to change back focus. I want to pair whatever I get with the Ackerman corrector/reducer that they have to take it to f2.9. However, if I'm thinking if I get the focuser set for the 90mm backfocus offered, I can use an extension tube if I want to use the scope without the Ackerman corrector. I spoke to TS and they said they would build the scope so the draw tube is always out of the tube when in focus. I suspect too that I wouldn't notice a huge amount of difference for EAA use, but I'm tending towards the UNC for a couple of reasons. I'm not scared of collimation, but I am scared of collimation stability and focuser stability on the scope. I suspect from above that the UNC will be good enough - especially with the Steeltrack. Plus this is for EAA with small chip cameras doing short exposures so I feel I should go carbon fiber because of weight (I have to lift it on and off each night) and physical rigidity over the steel. It's expensive, I think it'll be a small difference but a nice luxury to enjoy.
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