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  1. Starman™

    newb here

    Thanks for the welcomes everyone. Dogs danglies uh, look forward to that. Almost got one in Toronto back in 2002 but couldnt find the stores address in time before my wife found out the price. Does meade still have the no export out of the US policy?
  2. Just to say that on that observing session we got to see a crescent moon, Saturn, M31, M32, M42 & M45 (messier objects CH) and also an open double cluster I cant remember the name of. A good session from the terrace of CH's mansion along with some very cold efes beer. Got a look at the sun during the daytime but for the first time, I have seen, had no sunspots what so ever. Also got to watch 2 old guys fishing and check out a car that had a for sale notice on it which was a couple of km away.
  3. Starman™

    newb here

    Hi everyone, Thought I would drop a wee introduction of myself before posting anywhere. Live in Istanbul, Turkey where the light pollution sucks. Went to a small donkey village down in southern Turkey called Datca to visit a friend (and sell him a etx 105) and the skies and scenery are amazing as usual apart from my first night there was pouring with rain with some fantastic lightening shots over the sea (watched from a bar over a beer or 6). Anyway it seems I am doomed to be living in big cities as the last place I lived in was west London and trying to persuade the wife to let me live in a remote place (no joy there). Currently dont own a scope as I have just sold my 3 yr old meade but will be looking to get an 8 inch LXD75 sometime in the future. Anyone had experiences with these? Will be looking to import it from some where as the range of "real" telescopes is very very limited and there is only one meade retailer in the whole country and you need to take out a morgage to buy anything from him or the other choice are tasco toy telescopes. Best site I have seen from was east of Sivas in a village over 3,000 meters up and a 4 hour drive from the nearest street lamp. Got to see the 99 eclipse from there aswell.
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