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  1. Great result expecially with a SLR at this time of year. More subs will be worthwhile.
  2. Nice image, star colours looking very natural, I usually image this area Narrow band and miss this detail.
  3. Tried to get some M57 data last night but proved to elusive for the sky conditions. Managed some Ha and OIII data on M27 so put together a Bi Colour image as work in progress. Havent tried this DSO for sometime but its always rewarding. Some of the outer reigons showing but will add more data later.
  4. Thanks for comments all. Rob: scope was the C11 without reducer this time. outer edges were cropped slightly and there is some coma on the uncropped version (with a 4022 Chip) but not too bad. Cheers
  5. Looking great, Good resolution, what scope / reducer ? Another idea for an interesting project, never tried mosaic.
  6. Super contrast and detail Pieter, The finished combined mosiac will be something to see. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the comment Aris. Was pleased with the result, attached image is 40 percent reduction looks much better on the uncompressed origional but the scale of the object comes through. Cheers
  8. Waiting to image M57 took some RGB subs of M13 last night. Spent more time than usual guiding and focus was good so didnt need any star reduction or much processing apart from curves to get detail across the cluster. Aimed to get some of the dimmer stars around the edge.
  9. Nice image, interesting subject, never tried these galaxys. Been waiting for someone to post some images with the Edge scopes. Once my guiding is sorted will be very tempted to get one
  10. Managed to get 3 * 400S bin2 Ha images last night using the OAG setup. Would have liked much more exposure time but the clouds rolled in. Combined with earlier RGB images. Made a difference to the definition of the nebula.
  11. R Fisher


    The combined image looks spot on, The exposure time has certainly resolved many more of the dim stars.
  12. Super detail, would look good with some colour.
  13. Nice Image, edge on spirals contrast well with core. Dont usually use flats myself but they certainly help with some configurations.
  14. Fantastic Image, very detailed with depth, never noticed the outer regions in other images.
  15. Thanks for the comments, not sure if it looks better with more brightness and saturation, attached another version
  16. Had the colour subs from last year but added a L layer and reprocessed in HST colour combination. Tried not to oversaturate the detail, lots of stars
  17. Imaged with C11 Saturday evening, Subs total almost 5 Hours. All subs Bin1, was quite happy with the result although expected to get more signal as the sky looked very clear.
  18. Nice one, Whale shows some good colour and definition, My target for tonight.
  19. Incredibly deep image, worth the effort. It is very tempting to move around the sky but it is certainly worth pushing the limits now and again.
  20. Nice Image, Background looks quite neutral and even on the attachment.
  21. Thanks for the comments will try to improve with more subs. L was 19 Bin1 200S RGB was only 6 * Bin2 200S. Ha was 12 * Bin2 400S (would have liked to have pushed longer). Focus and Tracking is a significant problem with the current set up. Upgrading to a Electronic focus system soon though. Cheers
  22. Aimed to capture outflows from core of Galaxy, never had much sucess in the past but managed some detail this time. Flexture problems limited the Ha exposure durations so not as promenent as I would like. Blended the Ha with R channel.
  23. Thanks for the comments, Certainly happy with the >10 yr old C11. Was happy with the detail in the core but the outer stars are not so good, may have a go to reduce them. Image is slightly soft but not sure if this is a limitation of the atmospheric conditions or mirror alignment / focus.
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