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  1. Thanks for all of the comments, Think there is more potential in this scope, picks up the detail very well. Only used 400S subs (bin2) in this image. Tim, The model is the 10in CF (think its the same as yours from your previous posts). Cheers
  2. Thanks for the comments, Would like at least one more night on this to bring out some more of the OIII, The resolution of set up has helped retain the detail at bin2
  3. Very nice, showing lots of the dusty background and the reflections coming though.
  4. Super Image, Very difficult to get this scale on M1
  5. Had a very rare clear night in the NW of England over the weekend:). Wasnt taking any chances so imaged in BiCol and Bin2 on the Atik 4000. Haven't had much use from the scope due to the cloud so was pleased to get a complete image. Cheers
  6. As said above, Fantastic image, colours are not oversaturated and its not easy keeping a quality starfield while enhancing the nebula.
  7. Nice wide view, seems like the processing method has controlled the star bloat well. Thought you had a very well collimated Newt with the spikes on Sadr.
  8. Thanks for comments, The image is a Narrowband BiColour adjusted to give a more natural appearance. Would like to do three channels but havent had the sky conditions for long SII subs lately.
  9. Overprocessed this image compared to my usual but think it realy brings out some of the variations in the nebula. Havent worked out total exposures but it was a mix of Bin1 & 2 between 400S - 1000S per sub. Difficulty was patchy cloud over the last couple of weeks so some compromises needed to be made. Taken with the Quattro CF 10 & and Atik4000
  10. Already been there with the secondary Tim . At least the neverending clouds up here give me plenty of time to tweak the optics. Cheers
  11. Had to hold back the Ha to get the shell to show. Hoping for much more OIII time on this. Also one of my faves. Cheers John
  12. Still havent been able to get a full clear night to try the scope but managed a few subs on NGC6888 last week. Very short on the OIII only 4*400S but pleased to get a reasonable image after a lot of effort on the processing. Turned out quite similar to an earlier version of mine using a refractor.
  13. Super images, you have got the scope set up very well. I have the same scope but using a smaller sensor than the DSLR. Getting some significant vignetting due to the filters (thinking of upgrading to 2inch ones - Expensive !). Cheers
  14. Had the scope for almost a month but have only just managed to get a cloudless spell of more than a few minutes to get a proper image. Used Bi Col because I wanted to do the image in one evening and camera in Bin1.
  15. Well finally got a chance to test the scope on a clear night without clouds interrupting. Used NB filters so did a BiCol to enable me to get the image in one go. Very pleased with the scope so far.
  16. Question on Secondary mirror alignment. Is the secondary offset built into the mirror by the position of the holder on the back ? Calculated that mine should be appx 5mm but measuring the centre of the mirror to the centre of the holder it seems that at least 5 (maybe more (up to 7)) is pre built in. Only done measurements coarsely as I didn’t want to take callipers anywhere near the mirror . Have centred the spider dead on for now, had limited oppertunities to test on clear nights.
  17. Can definately see the outer wings, not easy with LP surroundings. Have you tried the Ha, OIII, OIII combination ? I find it gives quite natural (similar to RGB) looking colour. Cheers
  18. Nice image, Stars are sharp with natural colour and as said above cant see any gradients from LP. Well done.
  19. Lots of detail in there, captured subtle variations in the Nebula. Got my Quattro about sorted ready for some imaging, Can't blame the kit if my results are poor now . Finding learning how to set up these Newt's quite interesting after mainly using refractors. .
  20. Just unpacked mine also , Fits in the obsy in the upright position (just). Also quite impressed with the scope in general although havent had a chance to check colimation. Focusser certainly looks beefy and seems to handle the Atik 4000 with OAG no problem.
  21. Excellent image, seem to have acheived very good focus and the large version shows it is very smooth.
  22. Never tried this one, must search it out and give it a go. Looks like it is one of those objects very much dominated by Ha. Star colours look great and the guider seems to be working very well on the long exposures. Nice one.
  23. Certainly got good contrast and lots of the feint stuff above the main nebula. Using my Megrez 72 at the moment, origionally bought as a grab and go visual scope and for guiding but finding it is also very good for widefield imaging. Nice one.
  24. Certainly looks good for the exposure time, plenty of definition, Those scopes look very interesting, been looking at fast widefield refractors for imaging.
  25. Doesn’t look like the weather will be cooperating this weekend so will need to wait a while until completed. Gave me time to have anther go at processing anyway. Thanks for comments all.
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