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  1. Thanks for the comments, Was pleased with this one although it took alot of time and work stacking subs from a number of sessions over the last couple of weeks. Nice to have the weather to do this though. Equipment was WO FLT 132 on a EQ6 Pro OAG with DSI2 Camera Atik 4000 Mono with Astronomik Filters. Have a few subs of B33 and IC410 for the next targets Cheers Bob
  2. Great image, pin sharp wish I could achive the same detail for the time taken Cheers Bob
  3. Looking good so far, lots of detail and colour variation, Have a few wide field NB subs of this target myself from the last 2 weeks after working on Pacman. Time is certainly the key to these images, fortunatly we have had a long clear spell. Cheers
  4. Finally happy with the Pacman image in narrowband. Got some good SII data and used the Hubble palette, can try something else at last.
  5. My last image of 2009, Taken under a full moon using Ha and OIII at Bin*1 on the A4000. Processed bi colour to save time. Imaged with a WO FLT132. Some nice detail emerging but need more subs from the OIII. Cheers
  6. Was set up tonight to image NGC 281 with a longer FL unfortunatly high clouds forced me to abandon, got around to processing my attempt from last weekend while waiting for the Rosette Nebula to come into view. Cropped A4000 Ha, Hb, OIII
  7. Very nice, managed to get detail across the entire nebula. Imaged this earlier in the year and there is defiantly an interesting outer shell in OIII
  8. Very Nice image, looks like a nice flat field expecially across a Large SLR sensor.
  9. Nice framing and colour balance, Ha regions certainly stand out even widefield.
  10. Thanks for the encouraging comments, Its one of the objects that non stargazers find very interesting also, took a print of this to work today. The image was taken using a WO Megrez 90 with a focal reducer, mount was EQ6Pro guided with a DSI II (my first astro camera). The Ha was 6 * 500S subs bin1, Hb and OIII were 6 * 300S bin2 (also took Ha Bin2 but didnt use). Tried all mapping combinations but ended up with L & R - Ha, G - Hb and B - OIII. The OIII was quite strong and the corresponding blue channel seemed to give better colour contrast overall with reasonable star colour (although still quite blue). Processed in MDL5 ps Was pleased to see that the attachment image gives a good rendition of the full size version Cheers
  11. I recently captured this in Narrowband but prefer the Ha RGB combination. Impressive colour and depth with pinpiont stars, not easy to keep Alnitak tight Cheers
  12. First time I have posted on this forum, been viewing and picking up tips for some time. Have has some good clear eveninings over the past week, managed to capture my best image of Rosette to date. Imaged using a Atik 4000 Mono and Ha, HB, OIII filters. Ha was bin1 500S subs. Love the detail it is possible to capture in this object. Imaged from Cumbria UK Thanks for looking
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