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  1. The telescope is made by Long Perng who do make many quality products, but question becomes what level of QC has Omegon paid for? http://www.longperng.com.tw/goods.php?act=view&no=20
  2. I have a few bought in 2017 and any reflection I have seen has been reflected from my eye. I did find this comment from Don so maybe it has been fixed? They have a shiny internal spacer that reflects light. That means in daytime use, or with the Moon, you'll see a reverse image on the side moving the opposite way as whatever is in the field. It doesn't seem to affect nighttime views of the sky (though it might be seen with a planet if the planet drifts across the field. That doesn't mean they can't be used on the Moon, but usually the Moon fills the field (or
  3. I would email these people as they bought the kit from WarpedCorps so hopefully they can give you the information you need. https://www.deepspaceproducts.com/about-us.html
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
  5. Better to clean fungus sooner than later, you can also blacken those screw tips while you have it open :)
  6. A 35mm film canister with holes in it filled with desiccant will fit in a 1.25" adapter or a tea ball filled with desiccant for a 2" and larger focuser will help take care of humidity inside the tube while in storage.
  7. It may work as long as you can attach it to the tube firmly. (Sorry for the late reply, out of town on business)
  8. They might, though I cannot say 100% as I have never viewed from skies with that much light pollution! I applaud your perseverance though! Have you tried contacting these people to see if there is anyone else viewing in your area or better locations to view from? https://www.skyandtelescope.com/clubs-organizations/clubs/bangladesh-astronomical-association/ They may be able to give you some tips on gear that works in your location as well.
  9. The Telrad and Rigel give you target circles which makes star hopping easier so quite useful. If it was me, I would remove the existing red dot and drill the holes for a vixen style finder shoe on the piece the existing one sits on. (attached image) You could attach a finder shoe to the top of one of your rings and place the finder there but looking at the images on the Celestron site, that would put the finder behind you which would only be awkward to use.
  10. Is the existing finder shoe built into the front ring of the telescope? Hard to tell from Celestron images. There may be a screw hole that you can utilize from the existing finder or you may have to drill a hole. There is also the option of a Telrad or Rigel finder that can be held in place by double sided tape. You will have to search around o see if anyone on ebay or amazon sells them. https://www.highpointscientific.com/telrad-finder-with-base-telrad https://www.highpointscientific.com/rigel-systems-quick-finder-1x-finder-r-crs
  11. Switching to a optical finder may be helpful but with a newtonian on a EQ mount you may find a right angle or right angle correct image finder (RACI) more useful as you can turn the eyepiece towards the focuser for easier viewing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/6x30mm-Crosshair-Erect-Image-Right-Angle-Telescope-Finderscope-Bracket-BLUE/233201573397?hash=item364be59e15:g:i10AAOSwIztct8gM Though the Meade finder you linked to is fairly light I would not expect it to stay on the tube very long if only held with double sided tape.
  12. I have two 2" Feathertouch and neither one has accommodation for attaching a finder to the focuser body.
  13. If you do not mind buying used: https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=149922 I use Manfrotto and Cullman tripod/ pan heads but I just do visual. :)
  14. The EQ-3/2 is essentially a EQ-4 and is a good mount depending on the size of tube you are putting on it. I do not think it would do well with anything larger than a 150mm newtonian or 150mm f/5 refractor. I know a couple of people that have a 200mm SCT on the AZ5 and they like them.
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