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  1. You can get a pair of Olympus 10x50 on Amazon.co.uk for just under £60, they are superb for terrestrial observing and just as good for the night sky, personally i would stay away from the £20 option as quality control will be non existent and materials used will be of a very poor quality (I’m assuming)
  2. you should be proud that’s a fantastic photo ? I couldn’t give you any tips as I’m not an imager but hats off to you!
  3. Hmm there’s a fair few options available to you, if you’ve been enjoying your refractor I would personally go for a skywatcher evostar 90 and an upgraded diaganol to go with it a 90 degree di electric, I would also consider stretching your budget slightly if that’s possible and get some upgraded eyepieces as they will make a hell of a difference to your viewing pleasure, good luck and let us know what you decide on!
  4. Just pop your eyepieces in the microwave on a low power for about 20 seconds, works a treat ...Jokes aside when using your scope always keep eyepieces capped and in a case if possible, I find when switching from one to another cap them and keep them in an inside pocket and if you can keep a hand warmer in the same pocket you shouldn’t have any issues at all. Please don’t put them in the microwave mind!
  5. If it’s your first scope, take it back and get an Astromaster 90 refractor instead!!! fracs are much easier to use as a beginner scope and in my opinion better on an alt azimuth mount too! (Speaking from experience!) but nah in all seriousness I don’t think you would have damaged it just by removing it, may need collimating though, have a look on YouTube and google for how to collimate a scope.
  6. Would love to see some pictures of people’s ed80s whether for imaging or just visual, amazing little scopes and can’t wait to get mine! Curious to see what type of focuser/finder/mount people are using so please please post your pictures!
  7. Some great collections here! So jealous here are my babies, Olympus 10x50 which I use on a horizon 8115 tripod.
  8. Can anyone explain to me what the difference between a “11:1” focuser and a “10:1” focuser is, both are dual speed Crayfords. many thanks!
  9. i guess I’m not the only one to have a bad experience with it! everything about it just feels uncomfortable, the focuser position, the mount head assembly and positioning, the finder scope is hard to get your eye behind, hence why I just positioned a green laser next to the ota, and the eyepieces with it don’t make for an enjoyable view, it felt like my eye lashes were draped over the side of it! Lol, I will one day get a nice sized dob which i realise is a newt just on a different type of mount but they look a lot easier to navigate than on an EQ and by then I will have some decent quality eyepieces to use, it really winds me up that companies will always accompany a ‘beginner scope’ with poor eyepieces and a mount that’s rather tricky to assemble and get to grips with. I mean for a lot of people it’s their first time looking through and using a scope and I imagine a lot of people in the past have never proceeded to pursue astronomy because of it. Personally I think all beginner scopes should be on a much simpler Alt azimuth and accompanied with some decent glass to look through, even if that means just containing one low/medium power eyepiece and the buyer then being required to add more at a later date.
  10. Soooo since I was still a few months away from buying my dream scope the SW 80ED on the AZ4 and also as my bins took a fall and broke I decided to bite the bullet and borrow my cousins power seeker 127 which sits in the garage unused ( poor thing ). now I say bite the bullet only because the two things that go into this scope are the two things I really don’t like! 1. Its a newt... and 2. It was on an eq mount... now before people curse me out for not liking these properties in a set up I will say that being a bino observer for the past few years ive come to love 2 things, simplicity... and glass. I just absolutely love refractors and everything that goes with them, then when it comes to mounts I love being able to just pan around the sky, move my set up at a moments notice and not have to worry about alignments. Big respect to everyone that does it but it’s just not for me. if I ever ‘HAVE’ to get one e.g for imaging or too big a load I will surely be getting a GOTO. with that case closed on to the observing. I set up the mount inside and had a hard time with it! Roughly going with how it looked on the box and making sure everything was firm and wouldn’t tip over! I carried it outside and mounted the scope to it and just got it roughly pointed at the Orion Nebula with the help of a green laser pointer obviously making sure there was no planes or helicopters in sight. In went the 25mm eyepiece it came with and surprisingly I managed to frame m42 first time! Seeing was pretty poor but I could make out a bit of nebulosity, I moved on to some stars further south and watched them twinkling away and even managed to get a meteorite shoot past! I then moved back to m42 and swapped over for a 10mm but lost the view unfortunately, all the fiddling in the world wouldn’t get it to point where I wanted it to and being on an eq mount having the luxury of just scanning the sky wasn’t an option available, I thought maybe I hadn’t set the mount head up properly. Anyway it then started to rain so on went the cover and I got it back inside as soon as possible. After my first time using a newt there was a few things more I didn’t like about them, 1. The collimating of the mirror seems a very confusing task and 2. The position of the focuser, I really didn’t get on with observing side on rather than ‘behind’ I felt it just made things rather awkward and also the eyepieces it came with were rather poor, the 25mm having basically no eye relief and no twist up cups and the 10mm’s pin hole exit pupil. Oh how I cannot wait for the new frac!!!
  11. Either M31&M33 from the Brecon Beacons, just a smudge in the bins with a brighter centre but being the first time I set eyes on a galaxy from a dark site was mesmerising, or the beehive cluster from my backyard was just as cool, so many different stars in one view and always a beauty to look at
  12. Many thanks for all the replies I’m definitely going to get a telrad for the dob but for the ed80 I’ve settled on the rdf in the link below, it’s right on the price I wanted to pay for a finder and if I happen to not get on with it I won’t be gutted I spent a fortune for one. Plus I love the fact it was originally designed for military purposes and is the same sight I use on call of duty. https://www.365astronomy.com/365Astronomy-Deluxe-Multi-Reticle-Red-Dot-Finderscope-with-Metal-Body-RED-GREEN-LED.html
  13. Thanks John will have a good read of the reviews and don’t mean to be fussy but I really don’t like the look of the Rigel it’s like a high rise building on the scope! With DSOs I can always use a 38/40mm eyepiece with 15x mag and do a bit of star hopping, the fun is in the hunt as they say!
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