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  1. ok that makes sense thanks
  2. why cant i use polaris as 1 of my stars after i have polar aligned ?
  3. i have a heq5 pro and thanks to the guys on here i have sorted out polar alignment i live in essex and from my back garden my field of view is mainly east but can see north and south also can anyone recommend 3 easily found stars that i can try to learn for alignment please thanks
  4. that is amazing thank you so much for the time it took to write all this out
  5. the hand set polar alignment has different menu than my hand held device it is the device as in the photo that is giving me the ha thingy that i don't get and is not in the manual
  6. its built in to the mount on all of these models
  7. yeah i get that but then why does it come up with a ha figure ?
  8. so in the menu system i go through it all until it tells me where to place polaris its the middle of the 3 circles and as per the pic below its at 04:43 so just before what would be the number 5 on a clock face . once i have polaris in the correct position i press enter on the hand held and i get this come up ny polar scope looks nothing like the manual states so what should i do or am i doing incorrectly please thanks
  9. i purchased this a few weeks ago but I'm having issues with polar alignment , the instructions sent seem to be for a older model as the image i get through the polar scope is different than the manual , there is no little circle for polaris . so following the instructions on the hand set it goes through the date ,time then the coordinates and then at the end it tells you a time to use on the polar scope of where to place polaris (last night it said 02:30) so once you have placed polaris on the position asked you push enter then it said , polaris ha 7:01 so now what do i do please there is nothing about this in the manual thanks darren
  10. I'm assuming you have removed all of those small grub screws that are stopping it turning ?
  11. thats stunning . I'm just about to start having a go a imaging soon well done
  12. i have that , thanks
  13. i forgot that the guy selling the scope to me has the mask and the tee adapter
  14. id like to try some basic imaging soon currently i have a new heq5 pro mount i have a ED80 pro coming this week i also have a canon 550d (currently standard) and a power lead for it i have photoshop cs on my mac and on my old xp laptop what else do i need to get started with many thanks
  15. ill still be here asking silly questions for a long while yet