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  1. i already have a spare canon 550d
  2. purchased thanks
  3. thanks so much for the helpful advice i have just purchased the book via the link posted by steve will it be a signed copy ha ha ha ill read up as soon as i get it can you tell me what you guys use as a set up and if you are happy with what you have thanks
  4. thanks ill buy it tonight when i have a fw mins spare as I'm off to work now is it in idiots format ( so ill actually understand it )
  5. will the 130pds allow enough light in for deep space photography ? thanks
  6. Making Every Photon Count does anyone know if its available as a e book
  7. but is this not basically my scope with a heq5 mount ?
  8. ok thanks for the advice I'm currently reading turn left at orion so ill add that one to my list
  9. i would love to be able to take photos through a scope i thought id have the best of both worlds clearly its not straight forward so could you please recommend me a decentish scope that i could use for this purpose I'm happy with 2nd hand but id prefer to only buy once so id rather get one that i won't need to upgrade again soon thanks
  10. can you please take a pic of the bolt over a tape measure for me the width of the thread should be close to 6mm if they are indeed 1/4 unc also is the plate aluminium and if so don't be tempted to order stainless steel bolts as you will cause issues
  11. your correct i was looking at the heq5 there seems to be some 200p scopes mounted on the heq5 mounts online from new so i assume that the mount is capable of holding the 8 inch if i got a heq5 would that be enough for a while or is there something better i would need later on i don't want to keep buying and then need to upgtade thanks
  12. i have looked at eq6 but whats the difference between heq6 and eq6 and neq6 please
  13. would it be possible to convert my std 8 inch skywatcher dob to a tracking telescope and if so can you tell me how please thanks
  14. I'm very new to all this ( a few weeks) and really enjoying it all , i only have a 8 inch dob skywatcher at the mo so I'm aware that this kinds photography is not possible with my current set up im currently upgrading eye pieces as funds allow then at some point ill upgrade the scope but ill already have decent lenses i did wonder if it was possible to keep the scope but mount it to something that would allow me to track thanks
  15. thats stunning if i could get pics like that my house would be decorated in them