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  1. Baz awesome shot. Some of the comments got me thinking to the time I stayed out in rural France. To cut a long story short, one exceptionally clear cold night (cold =no mossies:headbang:)after an enormous storm across southern France I swung the 100X25 bins across the sky from the teapot and randomly pointed them at the zenith only to catch a part of the milky way that due to the conditions was showing perfectly, like the guys have said before, a real jaw dropping OMG moment!! clear skies to all Mo.
  2. same here, theres a tool bar (lol) on the site explaining it all, (yawn, typical ,WE ALL PAY for this stuff and it doesn't work properly, and it is of course "not their fault" bla) rant etc etc MoJo.
  3. Horses for courses of course, I picked the C8 for it's relative portability as i do the "dodge the LP dance" around MoJo manner! YES going from Bins to a scope like a sct is a big step I STILL haven't managed to do a "proper align due to either work pressures OR weather. I was out tonight but no goto again, like yourself am on a steep LC but it's FUN and will get better!! As for the BK's moonfish have them but you Can get them online from the states (BK website) and they really should be your first purchase. There are LOTS of hints on collimation on the web esp places like the sct yahoo forum etc etc. Don't get too disheartened, just catch that Moon. MoJo
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