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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone who has given me such great advice since joining this forum. I was given my telescope in Feb and struggled to get to grips with it for ages, but I am thrilled with the results I am now getting. Just need to practice, and learn some post image processing and i will be well away. Thank you all.
  2. Wow thank you, that makes such a difference
  3. Thank you all soooo much, I'm literally over the moon with tonights efforts! A bit of post production (still to learn this), and I feel im making progress.
  4. Thank you, just need to get some images now ?
  5. Thank you all, look what I got early this evening ???? happy bunny - and the mount has been following it ever since so that's working too ?
  6. That's fantastic, thank you - pictures are how I learn too. just attempted to focus on a tree in a neighbours garden, and hey presto I can view and I took a picture ? Just need it to get dark and the clouds to clear and I might be able to make it work on some stars - fingers crossed
  7. a nice project for the weekend there I think - thanks
  8. Hi KyleStoke, yes I am connecting the camera direct to the scope (no lens). The camera is fully manual and has a bulb function, although it is a max 60sec shutter speed so I discovered. And yes it has a live view (so far a blank live view!!!)
  9. I've not been able to take any pictures yet, I can't see anything! I have a t-ring and t-adapter straight into the focuser. I also have a barlow but this needs another adaptor so makes the connections a bit of a contraption! When I view through the lens it does not look any closer than I can see through the finderscope ;(
  10. Hi there, I have a skywatcher Explorer 150p DS OTA with a HEQ5 mount, and a 28mm lens, and also a Panasonic Lumix G2 camera. What should I be able to see and image? Can anyone please post any pictures of what they have imaged if anyone has this set up or similar. I am feeling a little disappointed as I thought I would see more, and at the moment can get better photos just using my camera and not the scope!!!
  11. Thanks everyone, had another go this morning while it's a bit warmer out there! Got the camera directly connected without the Barlow, but still can't get any pictures. Should I be able to see what I'm taking in the camera view? Ive lined myself up with some distant trees. Can see them centrally in the spotter scope, but can't see through the scope or camera.
  12. Any recommendations on software to use to stack images? Many thanks
  13. Yay, thank you all got it connected Didnt get any photos though, nothing came out! Think i need to play with the aperture settings on the camera. At least i've made some progress tonight, and did manage to get a regular camera shot of the stars
  14. These are all the bits I have, the Barlow is too small when I try to put it into the scope.
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