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  1. Best 80mm refractor

    There's an equinox 80 pro on astroboot right now for £433 once postage is applied http://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot
  2. Best 80mm refractor

    I love my Skywatcher ED80 ds. If I could only keep 1 of my 3 the 80 would be it. Put the 0.8x lightwave reducer on the back of it and it's a cracker, what's more it's light enough to do quick setups. Grabbed this image of the Veil nebula doing a camera test last month, the fates willing I hope to get some proper data this weekend and do it justice
  3. There is a celestron made vixen dovetail for the Edge 8. I bought mine with the vixen dovetail then converted over to cge when I put the ADM replacement saddle on my mount. They're not sold separately to my knowledge, though I could be wrong on that one
  4. What did you get up to imaging wise last night?

    Not proper imaging, more of a test but I got my first crack at the Veil nebula. Only 2 600s frames but hoping for much more tonight
  5. Critical damage to Canon dslr

    Yes oth off, I'm going to a couple of frames at different focal lengths and see if I can find the source
  6. Critical damage to Canon dslr

    After a lot of faffing and experimentation I've found that lenses are indeed the common factor regarding the amp glow. Best guess is that the proximity of the back of the lens reflects back some light and that's what the sensor is showing. The top 2 images are as they come, the rest have had brightness increased by 50% to exaggerate what noise there is. Settings were ISO 3200, 600 Second exposures. Taken using BYE so the red corner led plays no role. Bit of a nuisance not having lenses as an option for astro imaging but considering it hit the floor with the weight of a 200pds behind it I count myself pretty lucky
  7. Critical damage to Canon dslr

    Yeah it's the strangest thing. I did darks with the lens on display off and the noise was horrible. Did the same again with my coma corrector on instead and it was black as a hole in Calcutta. I came across something yesterday that said that there are more problems with amp glow in full spectrum Canon's 650d onwards related to the auto focus system. That being said if the only consequence of all the kit falling off the mount is I can't do lens widefield shots and I bought Backyard Eos then I count myself very lucky indeed. I have another dslr which I can use for lens widefield shots, it's not modded but I can live with it. I'll do more tests with the 700 and see how it goes
  8. Critical damage to Canon dslr

    Amp glow confirmed, good call Michael. Through a process of elimination and me getting hold of DYEos it turns out that most of the amp glow comes from having a lens on the front of the camera. Just means I'll have to disable the lens contacts with some good ol' insulation tape in future when I want to do widefield shots with lenses. I thinks there was some interaction from the lcd screen too but that becomes a non issue now I plan on controlling the camera via laptop instead. Thanks to all who help me sort this issue!!
  9. Critical damage to Canon dslr

    Very interesting, thanks very much! I'll be looking at a work around when I finish work and hopefully I can get back to improving my imaging skills
  10. Critical damage to Canon dslr

    I've done frames under a hoodie and it's the same. The damage to the camera exterior is virtually non existent, it was a low speed hit as I managed to catch the back end of the scope as it fell. The only thing wrong with it is this wired noise effect that starts after 1 minute of exposure
  11. Due to over enthusiasm I hadn't properly clamped up my 200pds, which promptly made a bid for freedom off my mount to the floor where my 700d saved the scope taking the brunt of the impact. All seemed to be well, still turns on and works perfectly for short frames. However in longer frames I get a purple flare, does anyone know if this is sensor damage or if I'm lucky just a lose connection somewhere. Note this is a full spectrum modded 700d. and the picture is a 7 1/2 minute dark Many thanks in advance
  12. Starsense or better mount - can't decide!

    I've had a starsense on my AVX since the get go and tbh it isn't that much faster than doing two star alignment and adding a couple of calibration stars. The main advantage to star sense is that it's far less involved when setting up once I've polar aligned and gives me a couple of minutes to faff around with the gear I have. There is also a drawback when switching scopes, each time you swap telescope you will need to re calibrate star sense to match the center of your FOV. It doesn't take much time but enough that you would be better off aligning off your handset instead.
  13. Any Finder scope!

    PM Sent
  14. I went from a synscan 127 upto the EdgeHD 8 on a AVX and was astonished by it, firstly was delivery of the thing. It came in boxes and the first thought was **** me how big?! The 2" tripod was intimidating from the weeny little thing my 127 mak was on. Also the the array of upgrades available for both the ota and the mount. I've got more upgrades than I needed, but the most useful are Starsense, which is a godsend if your anything like me and terrible with remembering names and the like. Polemaster is also extremely useful as the polar scope is a nightmare to use as the altitude adjustment bolt is right where your face needs to be, even on full tripod extension it's awkward, time consuming and intensely frustrating. Moving the mount is ok, I can shift it in one go however it is rather heavy so best to go 2 trips. I find having to remove the spreader plate a bit of a chore as it's an extra bit of paraphernalia to carry around and so I am in the process to making a new one in steel like the one on the new CGX mounts that allow the legs to fold up leaving the plate still on the center bolt. I'd go for the ADM saddle replacement for the mount as it's far better for securing the telescope and you don't damage your lovely orange dovetail, and for the ota I can highly recommend Starlight instruments SCT microfocusser. As you notice the list can be expensive but it's as expensive as you want to make it, so I'll rank the upgrades in my preference. Dew Shield and Heater Baader Clicklock Starsense Polemaster ADM Saddle Microfocusser 0.7x Reducer
  15. There wasn't really any difference as far as image quality went at the time as it's my di-electric from my SW ed80, that may have changed now I've had my DSLR modified so I'll be interested to see on that one. The primary reason for using my diagonal last session is I had my tripod quite low so it just made life easier but I don't use it as a rule.