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  1. Yeah, don't break it, it's an awesome bit of kit!

    I took apart my focuser; the 4 inner screws are grub screws that set the separation of the pinion from the rack. I wouldn't use these to mount the EAF, the chances of getting the correct separation and sufficient tension on the mounting plate are driven mainly by luck I would have thought. I'd bet it's what you're supposed to do though. Maybe I'm not giving them enough credit.

    Let us know what happens, I was tempted by the EAF to replace my DIY stepper motor thing that drives the fine focus knob through a "slack as I dare" belt. It works but I don't really like driving the fine focus knob with all its delicate internals

  2. That doesn't look right. I was going to take apart my 120 focuser to see what the 4 inner screws do but it's got my own DIY focus unit firmly attached to it.

    This page shows a guy fitting a autofocuser to a 120 and it's fitted to the inner screws. It's got to be worth a try - it can't be any other way if the fairly pricey additional mounting plate is specifically said to fit the Esprit. I'd pull off the focuser by removing the 4 outer screws and have a look inside (I've done it before but I can't remember how it looks). If it looks like snugging up 2 of the inner 4 screws isn't going to unnecessarily stress the mechanism, I'd go with that.

    If you haven't already, a quick mail to FLO may help.

    Let us know how you go, it's got to be useful to someone in the future - maybe even me....

  3. PM sent, excellent!

    Now just need to make an effective method of attachment to the underside of the focuser.... I'm almost convinced that a 3D printer is a rational purchase to finish off a small, cheap focuser project.

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