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  1. If you're on the Pi directly (i.e. not trying over VNC or SSH etc), copy/pasting commands is easy when you know how. Select the text you want to copy into the terminal, click into the place you want it to go, then click the mouse-wheel (middle mouse button). It should just appear, you don't need to select Copy or Paste, just have it selected. You can set the camera gain on the Camera tab in Ekos but I usually avoid this. If you look on the Indi Control Panel for the ASI1600, you can specify Gain & Offset. Down the bottom of that page, make sure the Format is "Raw 16 bit" - I spent more time than I will admit to troubleshooting why I was getting pure white images one night, that setting had changed to 8 bit for some reason.
  2. Yeah, don't break it, it's an awesome bit of kit! I took apart my focuser; the 4 inner screws are grub screws that set the separation of the pinion from the rack. I wouldn't use these to mount the EAF, the chances of getting the correct separation and sufficient tension on the mounting plate are driven mainly by luck I would have thought. I'd bet it's what you're supposed to do though. Maybe I'm not giving them enough credit. Let us know what happens, I was tempted by the EAF to replace my DIY stepper motor thing that drives the fine focus knob through a "slack as I dare" belt. It works but I don't really like driving the fine focus knob with all its delicate internals
  3. That doesn't look right. I was going to take apart my 120 focuser to see what the 4 inner screws do but it's got my own DIY focus unit firmly attached to it. This page shows a guy fitting a autofocuser to a 120 and it's fitted to the inner screws. It's got to be worth a try - it can't be any other way if the fairly pricey additional mounting plate is specifically said to fit the Esprit. I'd pull off the focuser by removing the 4 outer screws and have a look inside (I've done it before but I can't remember how it looks). If it looks like snugging up 2 of the inner 4 screws isn't going to unnecessarily stress the mechanism, I'd go with that. If you haven't already, a quick mail to FLO may help. Let us know how you go, it's got to be useful to someone in the future - maybe even me....
  4. Hi Rob, I'll still take it! PM soon (on a boat....) but could be up tomorrow? Ralph
  5. Late to the party, sorry. Simplest way is probably a loose overhand knot, not in any way tight. It'll stay in place and any tension will snug it up slowly rather than detach it. Like so:
  6. My 120 rings use 1/4" UNC bolts which are the same as a tripod screw, if you can screw in a tripod top, you can narrow down your search massively.
  7. PM sent, excellent! Now just need to make an effective method of attachment to the underside of the focuser.... I'm almost convinced that a 3D printer is a rational purchase to finish off a small, cheap focuser project.
  8. Yeah, I'm in! I have one breadboarded right in front of me at the moment which looks like a coronal mass ejection of jumper wires, would be nice to do a PCB version. Ralph
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