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  1. Hey! I like! May I ask what cam you use. Got some good detail there. Seeing is the enemy and the low elevation is more salt in the wound. Great shot.
  2. It sure is! GREAT capture. Conditions are.......... say no more. I feel your pain!
  3. Thanks all- I really do want to believe there is some method in my madness. It can be so frustrating when you get a clear night- gold dust here and it's like you guys say- stay well away from the twinkles. If Spica is spikey then retreat into to the shed a brew a good cup of tea! My other real bug-bear is RGB filters and a mono setup. I am so tempted to go a colour CCD like a DBK or DFK. Turbulence surely favours the not so black and white? Thanks for keeping the faith. Cheers Arif
  4. This really was the very best I could get in the early hours of May 7th. The seeing was..... how shall I put it politely? Put it this way, I could see better if I closed my eyes. I have no idea how registax made any sense of the blurry AVIs I captured. I must check my collimation (trying to find something to blame in light of some of the amazing captures on the forum). Image is resized as I am trying to rub shoulders with C14 owners.
  5. AFAIK, the Skymaster and Revelation 15x70 are the same binos but just badged differently..... shoot me if i'm wrong. Agree though that the 15x70 are not great for steady handheld viewing unless you have strong arms that don't ever fatigue. You can lay in a deck chair though and look only upwards quite comfortably resting them on youe eyes with a 15x70. 20x80 would be awsome but will need a pod. Cheers
  6. Really humbled by your flattering comments. It was a chance moment in time that simply paid off. Right place at the right time which so very very very nearly may been hampered by swathes of neighbouring cloud. The Canon was set to P mode, auto ISO, no filters. Shutter set to rapid fire. I did get quite a few shots of totality but I think the auto ISO setting cranked up the ISO to very high levels causing a quite grainy image, but they were not too bad. Will post these if anyone is interested. My thanks again for your inspiring comments. Any tips for future attempts from the eclipse chasers are very welcome. Cheers
  7. Hi there This was my best effort through a modest Canon 650 D. Was trying to get the diamond ring effect and just caught it in the final phase. This was my first ever total eclipse and it blew me away on many levels. Photos aside, there is no substitute for actually being there. Cheers Arif
  8. Hi Many thanks for this. Really sound advice on not to fumble around while a 2 minute event passes in front of you. Hopefully the clouds won't spoil the show but I'm prepared for anything after having missed the Venus transit due to our unforgiving cloud cover. Whereabouts were you during your 2 eclipses (you must be an eclipse chaser!). Sincere thanks
  9. I suppose I might consider myself lucky in that I will be in Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia for the total solar eclipse which will be seen well from this location early morning on 14th November. I am not a solar imager but do want to capture some pictures of what is very likely to be a once in a lifetime event for me. I am not after publication level images but would like to know if a half decent image can be obtained with a modest DSLR, perhaps even showing some folks in the foreground along with with some zoom shots. Any info would be very much appreciated. PS- I have bought my eclipse shades!
  10. A really natural rendition of this ever diminshing world. Great shot there.
  11. Ok, what's your secret? That is a class shot! May I ask what you do in your process run? You have got a really natural rendition hereand I am really very impressed.
  12. Another stunner from you. Very natural colours. You have nailed it....again!
  13. Al, lovely shot and great detail. I think people forget how small Mars is now and getting this sort of result is a stirling effort. Cheers Arif
  14. If these are your first efforts then you have a lot to be proud of. I am no guru but this will no doubt go onto better things. You must have a crack at Saturn! Well done
  15. Great shots James. Given the current seeing conditions I think you've done a great job here.
  16. I'm flattered. Long way to go yet- thanks!
  17. An absolute stunner, amazing. Did you spray the sky with liquid nitrogen to steady the turbulence?
  18. Hi Karlo, Hi Jim. Thanks for your comments and your amazing inspirational pics on your threads. I had to clean my corrector plate (scream I know, fatal but it was filthy). When I reseated it I was convinced it was well collimated initially but then realised it wasn't, in fact way off. It forced me to use my Bob's knobs which I was too scared to do myself for the past year (sad I know) but I bit the bullet and things seem to have improved but as suggested I need to sit down and ensure it is spot on which seems really critical for us SCT owners- am going to try this software 'Al's Collimaid' which looks interesting http://www.iceinspace.com.au/download.php?0d4c1607c1cc60b80007cbfa2cc76da2 (probably old news to you). I really fall apart on the processing part so I'm trying my best to improve in this area. For capture I use IC Capture 2.2, feed the AVIs into Registax 6 for align, stack and waveys (without coverting to bitmaps first- does that make a big difference?), and RGB align in Photoshop- would be interested to know what you guys use. I have been looking at some software called Pixinsight but it is not free sadly. I am greatful for your encouraging comments. Cheers
  19. Second attempt after a dreadful session a week earlier when I figured out finally that my SCT collimation was horribly off centre. I think this will be my last one of the red planet for this apparition. There have been some outstanding images of this planet I hope one day to be able to come close to that standard. Cheers
  20. Really lovely natural shot with some crisp detail there. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  21. Wow wow! Do you take cash or cheque? I really do need to sit down and look at the processing part. I have the older photoshop CS3- will this do what you have described? Must admit a fair bit of your advice is like a foreign langauge to me but it will spur me on to learn. Many thanks. Cheers:)
  22. Thanks for the comments. I did an RGB combine (no L channel). The blue channel was a fuzzy blur. I can't seem to get the razor sharp process some others excel so any tips really appreciated. Cheers
  23. Ok, it has been very depressing seeing of late . I did an LRGB run tonight and it was impossible to get a decent run. This was my L channel which was the best I could get. Bit of ghosting which may be a reflection of my collimation being slightly out perhaps? By my own admission I am useless at processing images and this was very hit and miss. I will attempt an RGB composite if I can figure out what I shot on the blue channel
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