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  1. greetings from me to rob
  2. Yeah definately a scam i remember these off astro buy and sell steer well clear
  3. aahh yes i get it now. i didn't realise you could see more than 4 with a 10" scope definately try that with mine next time
  4. pardon my ignorance mate but whats E & F are they stars or something:icon_confused:
  5. Maybe you should buy a huge parabolic mirror to focus all the light back in to their windows. From what i've read security lights only seem to warn people about cats strolling by:D
  6. Hey all weather report said it would clear up last night so i waited till 12 o'clock, until every cloud had disappeared from the sky set the scope down and waited half an hour for it to cool. First thing was first seeing more detail on mars i sat and watched for around half an hour and what can i say it paid off, I saw detail for the first time. I put the 6mm piece in and could definately see dark areas between the poles, and a tiny bright patch on one of the poles them selfs. Next was gemini and a new star cluster. M 35 was very easy to find it filled my field of view with a rich selection of stars. There's another cluster behind it, but i didn't see maybe because M 35 keep my eye drawn away. Next to ursa major I revisited M 81 and M82 my favourite being M 82 because of how it apears in my light polluted sky. I looked at my star map and saw that M 108 and M97 were hi enough above trees so I spent some time looking for them. I finally found one of them and after reading their description i realised that it was the owl, it took me even longer to find M 108. I must of swept past it many times before i saw it, by now it was getting late so i decieded to have one last look at mars. By now it was 2:30 and being defeated by the cold and brought the scope back in, which brought with it stones from the garden that had frozen to the base of it. Hope this wasn't to long, this was my third time out and a very enjoyable experience, i just wanted to share it with you
  7. It's snowing where i am. according to the met office probably won't be a clear night till early next week:(
  8. Hi james sounds like you got a good session in, I've never managed to see the green hue to the orion nebula with my binos maybe i need to look harder. Star clusters are a real treat with binos especially the double cluster in cassieopia (however it's spelt!).
  9. Sounds awesome nice one think i need to holiday somewhere dark like the austrailian outback or something
  10. Thanks for the feedback people probably get some orthos for general observations. And get shorter focal length baader to tease more detail out of mars and mercury if i get the chance to see it in future
  11. Hi there generaly speaking which make of eyepieces give the best quality/price ratio i notice a lot of naglar pieces on ebay and in posts on this site. I've just started astronomy and use GSO pieces which seem pretty good to me compared to the ones i got with the scope. I'm interested in pieces 25mm and under as the exit pupil is within limit without wasting light. Opinions and advice on the subject would be very much appreciated as i will be building an eyepiece collection in the coming years
  12. matt c

    S@N Mag

    it's probably the better magazine for amateurs then i,ll pick one up next time i'm in town
  13. matt c

    S@N Mag

    hi there i usually buy astro now but now i've got a computer i was thinking of buying sky at night because of the disk that comes with it. Not sure how good the content is though
  14. wow thats an awesome buy i paid full whack for mine amazing what u can get second hand
  15. Thanks talitha i want to view the deeper lesser seen stuff and/or see how far i can actually go from where i am
  16. Hey everyone can someone direct me to a site that lists the surface brightness of DSO's my skies are around 4.5-5.0 limiting magnitude so i like so many are quite limited to the brighter objects
  17. sounds like a good idea then should keep my eye out when the time comes might get my hands on a descent second-hand piece
  18. thanks for clearing that up for me mate. My scope came with a 2" adaptor and i'm itching to using it just not sure of the point
  19. Hope so mate clouds came in before it got properly dark last night !!!!!
  20. Hi all can someone explain the advantages of 2" fitting eyepieces apart from the advantage of a wider field of view do they collect more light from the secondary mirror or does it not make any difference? thanks
  21. cheers for the welcome people;)
  22. Hello to all I'm relatively new to astronomy, used to have a go with binos out of flat window. Now i have a back garden and nice new 10" dob can't wait for more clear nights!!!
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