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  1. matt c

    hello from kent

    Welcome to the group Wayne, try not to mention "astrology" here
  2. matt c


    A warm welcome to SGL John
  3. Welcome to the forum Paul, you'll get all the advice you need here
  4. matt c

    I'm Green !

    Hi Ian welcome to the group
  5. Welcome to the group Steve
  6. Skymasters are a great starter, I started on the same thing. Welcome to SGL
  7. matt c


    Hi Chris welcome to the forum
  8. There really is no known cure for aperture fever, a bigger scope only holds it off for a couple months Welcome to SGL
  9. matt c

    Hi to Everyone !

    Hi John, welcome to SGL
  10. I managed to get allot of detail on Mars through the 10" scope I had at the time, I live on the outskirts of Manchester in Bolton. In my (admittedly short experience) planets shouldn't be to badly effected if at all. Granted the skies in Bolton aren't the worst but it was still very difficult to see the lower magnitude "faint fuzzies", some of the galaxies I went for were within the ability of the scope but were rendered invisible by the sky glow. It's probably best to stick with the messier objects if you want to explore the deep sky, and as mentioned above star clusters tend not to be as badly effected by light pollution as nebula and galaxies. :)
  11. A very accessible and easy to use piece of software, shows you pretty much everything you can see with an amateur scope. The only thing I can think of that it lacks are asteroid and comet positions, but I think these are more specialist targets anyway
  12. Tasco (or similar piece of c**p) from Argos. The mount was absolutely dreadful because you had to move the object slightly beyond your FOV so the scope would drop down into place. I remember trying to look at a planet with it once, this was before I knew anything about astronomy so I didn't know which planet it was. Set it up, spent about an hour, didn't see a thing, packed it up and didn't bother with it again till I bought a pair of Celestron Skymasters about 3 years later. These bins showed me more than any Tasco scope ever could, even though they only have one magnification. Conclusion: C**p argos scope = £140 Celsetron Skymaster bins = Currently available for £50 (FLO) Make ya choice
  13. Welcome to SGL ravenlight
  14. A very entertaining read, suppose it won't make any difference to all the conspiracy theorists out there though. No matter how much evidence you put under their noses they're always going to deny it, silly really if you think about it
  15. You tyin to say I'm a chinese arms dealer?
  16. Yeah your probably talking tens of thousands of pounds, there's a section here: Astronomical Instruments Maker and Equipments Manufacturer,Supplier,Factory outlet With 2 meter Ritchey-Chretien scope and it's definitely something that belongs in a professional observatory.
  17. Hey there Mark, you'll find everything you need to know on this forum
  18. matt c

    Hi Everybody

    Hi Charms Welcome to SGL
  19. Welcome to SGL Jordan
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