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  1. Thank you very much! That's the plan ;-) Can't wait for the next clear sky!
  2. Thank you very much guys for the feedbacks! I've decided, and just ordered the AZEQ5GT. Can't wait for it to arrive! :-D
  3. Thanks that's great news. I was thinking that if I would drill a hole where the peg saw and drive a machine screw in it, it would work az an azimuth peg. Or buy an extension pier for clearence, which has a peg ;-) Anyway You and Chris has made me lean more toward the azeq5 than the heq5. I will see if anyone else make any contribution in a week or two than maybe I will visit a showroom to see them in action before I make up my mind. Thank you very much for your input. Very helpful indeed :-) Thank you!
  4. ZollyG

    LAS - Open Day

    Liverpool Astronomical Society (LAS) Open Day at the Leighton Observatory, Pex Hill form 12:00 to 21:00 or later
  5. until
    Liverpool Astronomical Society (LAS) Sidewalk Event
  6. I just found this Alex, Have you had any issues like this? Thanks!
  7. Okay, so far it looks like the AZEQ5 wins, and I also like the FreedomFind tech. Just to spice up things a bit I have also looked into the Celestron AVX, which is a neat package, sturdy, high tripod and the handset can identify objects by a push of a button. However, after watching some youtube videos, the thing sounds like it is very noisy when slewing, and people encountered build quality issues as well as knocking sounds. Has anyone got any experience with that mount?
  8. Thanks Chris! I would fancy an AZEQ6 as well but it is outside my budget and too heavy for me to conveniently transport every time I want to do observing. I currently own a Skymak150 Maksutov with crayford and dielectric diagonal. it clocks about 7-8 kg that is about the half of the AZEQ5 payload capacity. So no need for the 6 series. I guess if I would use a pier extender the finder issue would not be a big issue anymore, especially after a proper alignment, since it is a goto mount. Right now both you and Alex made good points for the AZEQ5, for which I am very thankful.
  9. Thank you Alex, that helps a lot! I also gravitate toward the AZEQ5, but since my budget is limited I really want to make sore I buy a mount that suits me best. I wonder, Is it possible to mount the head onto a classic EQ5 tripod? The polar aligning peg on my tripod has broken off so that can not intervene with the mount. I was just wondering whether the locking screw of the EQ5 tripod would fit the AZEQ5. Thanks!
  10. Not sure if this is the right thread to place this, but I hope it is. I have recently acquired a Skymax150 OTA. I use it with an old EQ5 at the moment, but would liike to go GOTO, and I need some help deciding which would suit me best.. Right now,I am hesitating between the AZEQ5GT and the HEQ5Pro, but I am open to suggestions. I would like do mainly visual observation, with some ocassional light AP. I like the versatility of the AZEQ5GT, but I am not sure about the tripod. While I sort of understand why they went with the pier solution, I suspect the pier section would enhance any vibrations. Also I am not convinced about the rigidity and reliability of the leg's tightening bolts. On the plus side, I like the AZ mode, which I suspect I would use most of the time, and I think it is also easier and quicker to align. But if I want to do some light AP, I would need to purchase a separate polarscope, which is already included in the HEQ5Pro. I like the HEQ5Pro too, because it seems to be a more neat package, with less wires dangling about, a more robust tripod, a built in polar scope and it is less costly. However, I have noticed when I equipped my old EQ5 with my Skymax, that most of the time the finder points downward, making it awkward to use. Than again, I suspect that would be the case with the AZEQ5GT as well. I have also looked into EQ6 series, but decided; they would be too heavy for me, as I live in the centre of a very light polluted town and pretty much have to move out every time I want to observe. And those things are heavy. Anyway, I would welcome any ideas, suggestions, advices from people who have experience with one or the other (or both), or with different ones I have not considered yet. Thank you very much in advance!
  11. I guess I have put the stakes quite high there. I really hope to get to a dark site soon with a clear sky, to put it really to the test. But initial trials were promising.
  12. Well, I guess I am not a poet after all. But speaking English as a second language, I don't think it is that bad either. ;-) Thanks for the re-write though; it sounds more proper
  13. Sky-Watcher, Skymax150 The tale of finding a new scope. I've had an idea, a costly idea, To upgrade my optics, with some criteria. I have two newts, a big and a small, The big too cumbersome, the small, just too small. I longed for something better, compact and nice, Yet still powerful, for some higher demands. So I set sail to the optics's seas, To find a scope, that will suit my needs. I have searched far and wide, Took advice from left and right. That being said, I was not without an idea; Initially favouring the Skymax familia. But a research is not done proper, Until I examine any other offer. So I searched, and searched, and learned, In every nook and cranny, some hope emerged. But nothing suited the way I liked, As my options were limited, by budget and size. Exhausted I was, hungry and cold, I yearned to be, on stable shores. So I took what I've learned, and made up my mind, Turned my sails to homeward bound. After an odyssey, it came to be, I found myself anchoring, at the Skymax pier. 180 to heavy, 127 too light, I went in the middle, at 150 I stopped. My journey at the end, a new toy in the bag, I could not wait, for first light's night. First light came, the very next night, So did the clouds, to spoil my time. But I made up my mind, and set up my rig, Waiting for the gaps, on top of Pex Hill. The gaps came and ceased, few and far in between, But I persevered, and tested my rig. The field was a bit narrow, But that's okay from a mako. Collimation perfect, a textbook case, No need to touch it, I wouldn't dare. M 42 easy, and what a sight, Almost like my big newt, it blew my mind. Andromeda was also, a sight to behold, But was faded by a near full Moon. The Moon was blinding, but oh so amazing. I just can't wait, for further star gazing. First light was ended, by a thick layer of cloud, But I still had, a blissful short time. Since then I purchased, a focal reducer 0.5, From Antares, to make my filed wide. Second light came, worse that first, Yet perseverance once again, gave me quick bursts. Now I was gazing with an f6, At Orion's sword at 69x Fitting in snugly in the view of my eye, Even Trapezium was visible quite nice. This might not be the most professional review yet, But pardon me, I am an amateur at best. To close my writing, let me quote a classic; “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
  14. ZollyG


    Thank you very much for all the warm welcomes! I'm already starting to feel cosy.
  15. ZollyG


    Hello everyone, As good manners dictate, I should introduce myself before anything else. My name Is Zoltan, I live in the sunny UK and astronomy was always a lifelong interest of mine. I was quite active in this beautiful, nerdy pastime since I was 16, which was about 20 years ago. Unfortunately I have had quite a few years off this hobby for various reasons, so my knowledge base has quite a few gaps and what I have kept got a little rusty over the years. However, about a year ago I had enough and decided to re-join the world of astronomy once again and since then I became a member of the Liverpool Astronomical Society (LAS). I am looking forward to pick up where I left off and relearn all I have forgotten. So should I ask some pretty basic stuff, and then come up with something that might be more advanced, now you know why. I get a lot of help from the members of LAS, and they also recommended this site, so here I am :-) I am looking forward to have a great time with you folks.
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