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  1. Now I finally understand............. ..........many thanks, Arthur.
  2. It's a good job I saved my reply, I wouldn't want to boil an egg to one of Grant's minutes LOL! Ta for that, CC. I was wondering if Specsavers were going to get one or two more customers there. OK Arthur, we are on the same page at last. " Short webcam adapter £15 Short adaptor to enable the use of the focal reducer in 1.25" focusers on telescopes with modest focuser in-travel. " Now then does this mean I still need the Atik doodah as well, or will I take it off my Santa list? By the way, it looks suspiciously like the adapter I am already using. I suppose the length is shorter, to live up to its' title, though how that gets my cam nearer to the OTA kinda defeats me? Unless of course, I do need space to put the Atik reducer in first? In which case, whilst I am wondering about your decrying of said reducer, I will utilize my hammer and chisel on my present adapter and save myself £15 Life seems very complicated at times!
  3. Sorry Arthur, no "SHORT WEBCAM ADAPTER" showing on the accessories page with my cache. However, my cache does (nearly) match up with Gaz's page. The fourth one doon being the Atik doodah, although it appears to be a fiver dearer this side of the border LOL. I will put it on my Santa list!
  4. Is that the Meade F 3.3 Reducer at a mere £149, Arthur? If so, I might just pass for the momento.
  5. Thank you both for the replies, the problem lies with the Meade 114mm. I will try a 2 x Barlow in it first, as there is no way I can get the cam closer to the OTA (and the pretty standard adapter is screwed as far into the webcam as it will safely go). I am understandably reluctant to get my hammer and chisel oot to the tube itself. It is my first telescope , I collimated without any hassle and it is just crystal clear on the moon. This was taken with a wee Fuji held into the eyepiece! Looks like I need to register at ISEE so here's one from Bucket.. I will try and sort out a photo of the 114 with the webcam in positon but it really is as far in as an eyepiece would be, in fact, more so. Thanks again for the welcome and your help.
  6. I am still collimdoodahing my 8" Newtonian but get images that at least resemble the moon. However, when I put the webcam in my MEADE 114/900 (collimation fine), the cam will not focus. It does get less blurred as it reaches the end of the focusser travel ( closest to the OTA ). Anyone offer any help here please?
  7. Hi, My first post on here and I would like to thank you Daz for the link to the best training vid I have seen. I am just a beginner to this star-gazing lark and I must have been very lucky collimmejiggin my 4.5"Meade......... ............cos this 8" unnamed (weel not quite, but I had better not swear on ma first post) Newtonian reflector has resisted alignment so far! Does anyone know why the secondary mirror shows up so plainly, when I am looking through an eyepiece, on this 8", yet is hardly noticeable on the 4.5" ?
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