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  1. I agree, that's a good point. I don't plan on rushing into any purchases at the moment. Even a mount. I'd like to research them more first. Thanks Wimvb.
  2. Hi again guys, thank you all for your responses! I apologize for the long delay. Work has been busy. So, i'd like to just recap what i got out of your replies, and then ask some more questions. RECAP: - I will definitly be getting this book, thank you for the Rec! - Mount is the most important aspect when it comes to AP. ---From Ronin--- - Dobsonian is NOT the way to go for photographing Nebulae and deep space. It has the wrong mount. - Instead, a Reflector or a ED/APO Refractor would be ideal. - LARGE Aperture is also not the way to go. (By large i meant as wide as possible), still not sure why large/wide is bad. - Goto mount is a good mount to go with for photographing, that or an equatorial with motors. - Made an account, and will post there as well, thank you for the Rec! - Great Idea! NEW QUESTIONS: - In response to 'Ronin' (I don't know how to quote him), why is a Large or Wide Aperture bad for photographing deep sky objects such as nebulae? Wouldn't it allow you to better capture these low light objects? - Mount being the most important thing, I'd like to gain some more info on the different types and what will be best for AP, does anyone have any advice/resources? (Perhaps the book 'Making Every Photon Count' includes info on mounts?) - I like the idea of starting out with a mount and my daytime gear, but looking ahead, i'd still like to have an idea, or a direction at least in which to research. Ronin mentioned either a 'relevant reflector, or an ED/APO Refractor. What makes these good for AP, and photographing deep sky objects like Nebulae? Research resources anyone? - I came across an unusual looking camera that is dedicated to AstroImaging. The QSI583ws. It's quite pricey, but from the quality i've seen it produce it seems worth it. What is everyone's opinion on this camera? Would this be a good investment (down the road, and paired with a complimentary telescope) for photographing nebulae? - My end objective is still is to be able to make as high quality prints as i can from these images. Thanks again everyone for your advice! -Forest
  3. Hello Everyone, My name is Forest Fernandez. I am a hobbyist Photographer that just started getting interested in Astrophotography. I started last year in 2016 with my current set up, a Canon 5D Mk3 w/ a Rokinon 24mm on Tripod with a shutter release. In my about me section you can go to my facebook where i have some of my photographs that i've taken. I will try to include some of them in this post as well. I went out every night last summer to take photos, really diving in to try to learn as much as i could. I fell in love! I am now interested in buying a Telescope that i can adapt my Canon 5D Mk3 to. Ideally: I'm looking for a telescope that will allow me to photograph Nebulae specifically. Galaxies would be great, but i know that only one or two are visible to beginner to intermediate telescopes. So far this is what i've learned that i need from researching telescopes: LARGE Aperture, more light i can pick up the better. Telescope that can pick up low light objects in the sky, i.e. Nebulae. Equatorial Mount, for the Photography element. Dobsinian i've been told is the way to go for low light Nebulae's and such. ADVICE: I am looking for advice from experienced astrophotographers here on the following things: - Any other factors i need to take into consideration to get what i'm looking for. That would be great. - I'd like to be able to make decently sized prints of these photographs, but i know that often times lower budget telescopes don't have great print quality. Any advice? - Telescope suggestions to pair with my Canon 5d Mk3. I have roughly a budget of 3,000$. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's input. Thanks!
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