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  1. M51 is fairly large and noticeable...a modest scope would pick it up even with small subs.
  2. Still getting to grips with this new camera....this was 0 gain offset 10 and 25 subs LRGB L 60 secs RGB 90 secs and Ha 180 secs. Ha to me looks overcooked. M51_RGB_Ha.bmp
  3. RGB_H.bmpRGB_H_clone.bmpHeavy going trying to tease out some detail within this tricky object. Taken with the CPC 925 and 1600mm Pro, Processed in PI
  4. You have a powermate so you need to look at better spacing of eye pieces so can combine it...without overlapping and being close to the others like the 9 & 5.5 and the 25 and 9. Unless using the powermate for imaging.
  5. Take a look http://astronomy.robpettengill.org/blindSmartPhonePolarAlign.html
  6. Polar alignments can be a daunting task.. it takes practice! If you persevere eventually you will be aligned in minutes. You can get pole scopes for forks btw
  7. Yeah sorry Phil breaking the set I think will be problematic.
  8. I did look at OAG with the new setup and found difficulty with BF and it looked a cumbersome setup with an Orion Starshoot AG. The choice was potentially get a new slimline AG or look at other options and read about Finder guider options. I am from the get go getting good results albeit not as good as with OAG...however each time I calibrate modifying backlash on the scope and tweaking settings my traces are improving all the time...what I anm working at is pulse and angle..not easy with no clear nights to image. However if there is an opportunity to just work on guide accuracy I have taken
  9. Hi Phil, Based in Cambridge, but work in Wolverhampton and Coventry
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