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  1. mihaighita

    Guiding better after the Meridian Flip...🤔

    Very odd to have better guiding after the flip... Most probably you have some imbalance there. I always have my MESU on very low aggression and relatively high hysteresis. As of lately, I am using aggression of 45% in RA and 30% in DEC and 32 hysteresis. I found that these values with a 5-second exposure will give me the best results in average seeing conditions at long focal length (I have a 2000 mm FL GSO 10 inch RC on top of the mount now). At low FL should not matter too much on this mount it will make round stars in any configuration of PHD2. Balance can be tricky to do on the MESU but I use a hand scale with an attached strap held by a "contraption" I made to help me with the positioning and raising the scale perfectly perpendicular to the end of the OTA and end of the counterweight bar. The only pain with the balance has been shifting the 25+ kgs of OTA in the saddleplate.
  2. mihaighita

    Atik Repairs ??

    Last year I sent my 383 to Atik for replacement of a failing fan. At the same time, they replaced the USB connector that was missing the middle pins. The service was done perfectly and the communication with Atik was a delight.
  3. The price is not that high compared to a custom solution if you have to execute that solution to a random mechanical shop. There are a lot of DYI instructions on the web if you want to try yourself to solve the altitude bolt problem with the NEQ6 but you will have to take a certain risk. If you don't do anything about it the risk of costs related to it will increase exponentially with time.
  4. mihaighita

    Anyone using an OGEM mount??

    In the long run, it might be good to have a clear distinction between their product and Mesu 200. But for right now the company is basically doing beta testing on their customers and this can come back to bite the sales. And regarding the price, you are forgetting that Mesu has high-resolution motor encoders, while OGEM is going to need an 800 Euro upgrade to the absolute encoders to match that bringing the price extremely close to the Mesu 200. Time will tell if the mount is going to perform as good or better in comparison with Mesu 200... I hope it will do that since more competition will ultimately benefit the end-user.
  5. You will find info here: https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/accessories/mount-accessories/eq6rail/
  6. mihaighita

    Anyone using an OGEM mount??

    I don't really understand why JTW choose to go with FreeGo2 instead of a more established SiTech, especially when they have experience using the SiTech on their other mounts. The price difference is minor compared to the benefits. I was thinking of buying one in the last part of 2018 to go side by side with my Mesu 200. A brief conversation with Mark from JTW over email revealed that they can shoehorn a Sitech 2 into the new mount at a "modest extra cost" (he did not say what amount is that modest extra cost and I did not pursue the conversation further because I am not into alpha testing a mount/controller combination). The necessary upgrade cost for people living in Europe (Stainless Steel drives) and the upgrade cost for the encoders is making the price a hard pill to swallow over the cost of the tested Mesu 200. Hopefully in a couple of years when the production is sorted and the mount is more thoroughly tested it will make it a powerful competitor on the market.
  7. mihaighita

    Which Mount ?

    EQ8 is a fantastic mount with a bit of luck... While the newer batches are immensely better than the old ones they still have their quirks but a new EQ8 should be able to carry any scope in the 1200 FL. Anything above that is just a matter of tweaking the mount.
  8. I would take a mono instead of color in any situation. Mono will be easier to process and the learning curve is nothing compared to the frustration of processing the color data from OSC.
  9. mihaighita

    Mesu 200 Arrrives

    Most probably Lucas installed them after he received my mount for repair after an unfortunate wind-related incident... I hope he installed those on my 2017 mount - will see next week when the mount is arriving back to me.
  10. Hi John, You should not have any problems with the truss RC as the tilting adaptor is integrated flush to the rear plane of the scope. I was referring to the steel/carbon tube that are coming without the tilt plate and that needs to be added afterward. On the steel tube RC the tilting flange is eating about 20 mm of the backfocus and with the CCD67 is not possible to reach focus if screwed after the focuser. You have another advantage in using the FT focuser that is a bit shorter than the TSFOCR30S focuser. In my config (10inch Steel Tube RC with tilting plate adaptor and TSFOCR30S) I ended up using the CCD67 and a 15mm extension tube inside the focuser to be able to reach focus. Mihai
  11. mihaighita

    M78, Finally!

    Lovely! I am amazed more and more by the power of the CMOS cameras.
  12. Hi Graham, If you have the tilt adaptor from TS for your RC10C you will not be able to reach focus even without any of the spacers. What I did to achieve focus was to move the CCD67 into the focuser tube (I used the RiredM63-M68 to connect to TSFOCR30S and placed the CCD67 in the focuser via the M48 female and added the necessary spacers on the camera side of the RiredM63-M68). I hope this will be helping someone with the same problem. Mihai
  13. mihaighita

    Mesu not tracking on initial testing

    I had a similar issue with my Mesu and Eagle (first gen). After a few weeks of agonizing over this, I switched to a Pegasus UPB and a regular tower PC and never had this problem again.
  14. mihaighita

    Moving Mesu Mystery

    My Mesu was setup to track on start but as soon as I unticked the Track on Start checkbox in the SiTech config it stopped tracking on start.

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