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  1. Hi I am moving to 1o below the equator - so virtually on the equator. I plan to buy a GEM, possibly the Losmandy GM8 mount. I need to know the following before buying: 1. Does an equatorial mount work on the equator. 2. If yes, how does one polar align on the equator given that none of the celestial poles will be visible from there 3. Is a 'go to' system necessary for observing from the equator Anything else I should consider before buying. Any accessories I should consider? thanks Rajeev
  2. Hi In my quest to identify a mount, I would like advice on the Losmandy G8 - the basic unit without add ones is $1500 +tax and shipping, and this is somewhat beyond my budget. However, the reviews I have read seem to suggest that it is a far superior mount than the usual Celestron, Orion, Sirius, atlas etc. Is that true that Losmandy G8 is a better mount. I will be using the mount for AP (upto three minutes), is it a feasible with a basic G8 unit without the Gemini unit. Telescope is 5" MAK (8 lb) thanks Rajeev
  3. Just in case I buy an OTA first - before the mount. How would the Sky-Watcher ProED 100mm f/9 Doublet APO Refractor be, both for visual and astrophotography. Also, I reckon it is light enough to be used with my 5" MAK Alt Az computerized mount? Correct?
  4. Dear All Thanks for your replies. What I gather from all of you is that I should - start with a good GEM go to mount (and use the 5" MAK with it - both for visual and photography) - next upgrade to either a 4" refractor (for photography with above GEM go to mount) or a 8-10" reflector with a simple mount (for visual observation). I can decide this later. Assuming that I will now purchase a good GEM go to mount, which one should I look at which can handle the MAK and photography (and later a 4" refractor for photography). I would like the budget to be within $1000. Why are mounts so expensive ! thanks, Rajeev
  5. H Folks I have a 5 inch Celestron Matsukov Cassegrain - which is good but is giving me alignment problems. I want to next buy a Equatorial mount telescope - maybe a 10 inch F/3.9 of F/4.8 reflector. I hope to do some simple Astrophotography. My question is which is a good 10 inch reflector with a GEM in around $1000. Should I buy a mount and OTA separately or as a package unit. Is it necessary to buy a GEM with motors or can they be purchased later. Maybe I could use my existing MAK with the new GEM as well. What should I keep in mind for this regards Rajeev
  6. Hi Folks My 6 month old (used 4 times) Celestron Nexstar SLT 127 Matsukov Cassegrain has always given alignment problems. It is difficult to align and once aligned, quickly goes out of alignment. Just this evening after using the Solar system align using Venus, I selected Mars (which is very close to Venus these days). The scope went about 5 degrees south of Mars. When I sent it back to Venus, it didn't go there either. I have had problems with the two star align as well. Once aligned, it held Saturn for about 15 minutes before going out of the field of view, but when asked to go to a different star, it gets quite lost. Sometimes it goes below the horizon looking for things ! I don't know what to do. Returning is not easy given that I am not in US regards Rajeev Kingston Jamaica
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