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  1. @PeterCPC thanks - tried - but no joy. I think this could be down to the frame rate - as @johngm suggests. i'll try again on next clear evening and see what happens.
  2. just a quick update, the .avi file properties: length: 00:00:36 frame width: 3096 frame height: 2080 data rate: 772787 kbps total bitrate: 772787 kbps frame rate: 5.00 frames/second file size: 3,516,180,992 (3.27gb) would there be a valid reason for VLC refusing to play this?
  3. Hi recently bought one of these cameras. i'm completely new to imaging, but really keen to make progress. at the moment I've got the ZWO ASI178MC connected to a Netbook PC and a Bresser 75/350 (i intend to use my SkyWatcher 200p) and have used the default ASI software to get the image below - i would like to think i can do much better than this. ■ better software to use for capturing images and video - for lunar, solar, planetary and dso ■ best settings for images and clips ■ what video filetype VLC will recognise and playback (ASI's .avi is incompatible with VLC - it will work in Windows Med Player) ■ how to "know" you've got DSOs worth processing, when these can't actually be seen onscreen moon.mp4
  4. Steve, John & Des - thanks for your lightning-fast replies. as you can see from above - following my mental abberration, I discovered the whole point of the cigarette- lighter-type connector cable
  5. i knew this'd be a newbie error - just discovered. needed to be using the "cigarette lighter type" connector. all good now. just need to balance, and wait for a clear night. thanks for your reply
  6. scope, mount and controllers came from ebay seller - 12months old stated "like new" fully working my understanding is that - even if the mount were not connected, the power tank being linked to the synscan EQ5Pro should power up the synscan hand controller display - at the very least?
  7. Hi on the advice of more knowledgeable folk, I've taken the plunge and bought myself a complete SkyWatcher Explorer 200P 8" Telescope + EQ5 PRO GOTO Synscan computerised mount and I was hoping that the purchase of the 12v DC Power Tank and the 2.1mm>2.1mm cable would have the handset power up. (I've been assured that the Power Tank and cable are correct - and BOTH are brand new. no such luck! - I'm thinking I've missed something obvious - a newbie error? any help appreciated.
  8. Hi David & Cornelius I was hoping that the Star Adventurer Pro would do what it claims it does. Hoping to setup my Canon 200D with Pentax Takuma 200mm to take some DSO shots. Seems like sellers don't tell you all of the equipment you'll need to get things up and running. Had no idea I'd need an additional guide scope and camera combo? talk about rabbit-holes. Retailer was clear that the Star Adventurer Pro with a decent tripod would be all i need. hmm.
  9. Hi Hoping someone can advise: I've recently bought this - because it is recommended as a good fit for DSO/Astro imaging sky-watcher star adventurer pro pack https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-star-adventurer-pro-pack.html I'm now getting conflicting information about it - always seems to be the case immediately after a purchase. ■ what tracking software would i used to help with imaging? - i plan to use (windows 10) tablet pc with usb cable connected to the sky-watcher. ■ if there is no tracking software available - how would I track? i am thinking I'm being completely stupid here and have missed something obvious. thanks
  10. just got myself the Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Pro - this is the one with the better tracking capabilities. have been told one of these Surveyor Tripods: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/surveyors-tripod/254296551970 is the best bet for a more solid base. question: are there adapters that will affix this tripod to the Star adventurer?
  11. wasn't planning "untracked" - my post above suggested the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. But I was told that the Takumar 200mm would be asking too much of that tracker mount. ■ would the takumar 200mm work better with the iOptron skyguider pro? ■ what software would i use with the iOptron skyguider pro?
  12. hi, yeah I do already have that book - but every piece of equipment seems to cost a proverbial arm and several legs. I've had advice that the Pentax Takumar 200mm f4 is the perfect lens for AP - but if 200mm breaches the "tracking limitations" (100mm is recommended by Steve Richards) - then how is the 200mm Takumar supposed to achieve its high accolades for AP? is this about tracking issues with that lens, or is it about the mount alone? if so, which mount would make the Takumar the goto for AP?
  13. Hi lots of great advice. so, if I keep imaging and visual separate of each other: ■ Seeing: my nexstar 127SLT is good for visual? ■ Imaging: I've (following some recommendations) got myself a Pentax Takumar 200mm F4. I intend to use this with my Canon 200D on a very sturdy camera tripod - hopefully to get some nice clear DS images (nebula etc). I was looking at this Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini as my AP tracking mount. However, I've been advised I'll need a better mount as, this mount will likely only be good for 100mm lenses. So, what's a decent (but not bank-breaking) alternative mount?
  14. @noah4x4 is there any link to the Skyportal instructions? - this sounds much easier i'm finding at the moment, if i come back to the scope after a day or two, the usb connection isn't sure which com port the handset was on.
  15. thanks @Cosmic Geoff @Waldemar and @Ledge1962 i put the guarantee in " " because i (even as a beginner) had my doubts as to what exactly is possible - or just myth. A quick ebay search turned up this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-25inch-6mm-66-Ultra-Wide-Eyepiece-Lens-Fully-Multi-coated-GW-For-Telescope/283251464554 hte end of the features list claims "Delivers sharp images with good color correction and contrast" . Now, two things shout loud at me: ■ what exactly is "color correction"? what is that pertaining to be? ■ nothing that price could deliver such a claim (even if it were remotely possible) I'd expect to pay much more. I will get the 'Making every photon count' by Steve Richards, book - it'll make good holiday reading. thanks guys
  16. @Cosmic Geoff - if i decided to pursue the astrophotography route with current equipment: Celestron 127SLT (with or w/O EQ mount), Canon 200d piggybacked what's possible - any nebula or clusters? - if so what kind of settings will the Canon require - am thinking 20-30 secs, 3200, f2.8 (or 3.5), and remote trigger would i need loads of single shots stacked to get any colour?
  17. @Cosmic Geoff - some really good advice. all i need now is some clear skies and patience. fingers crossed some clear weekends happen soon. can't wait to get out and see what the scope can do. I have the Bresser HD usb camera and Cam Lab Lite, am wondering if i'm likely to get any decent shots with it? As regards the scope itself - i've seen eyepieces for sale that "guarantee" bringing out the colour in nebula etc - is this realistic? or is almost every DSO more or less monochrome thru and eyepiece? As for astrophotography, I'm hoping to use my Canon 200D to see what I can get from an unmodified camera...again likely only mono? thanks for the advice.
  18. @noah4x4 thanks for the reply. will go ahead and uninstall stellarium and cartes du ceil from the tablet pc. will leave both on my phone for a quick goto guide. my next task is to make some aesthetics to CPWI. For exmple, would prefer it to run permanently windowed, to allow Bresser CamLabLite to run similarly. selecting targets and viewing will then be much easier. couple of questions: ■ does the Next remote always have to be run prior to CWPI - in order for the com ports to be configured? ■ or is there a way to write a config file for CWPI, so it "remembers" currently, my device manager shows > Eltima Virtual Port [Com 4] > Prolific USB to Serial Port [Com 5]
  19. @Cosmic Geoff thanks for the reply. nice to know someone else is using similar kit and experiencing the same technicalities. here's what I've managed today: ■ Next Remote software - all good, now for the real work. ■ two sets of drivers ASCOM and PL2303 Prolific - which are required to control the scope remotely both installed and recognised. ■ virtual com ports setup on my tablet pc and am controlling the scope via the usb socket on the hand-controller. ■ both Cartes du Ciel and Stellarium will communicate with the scope - but can't find out how to control it. ■ Celestron CPWI 2.1.25 on the other hand, is up and working - built in alignment/tracking/and slewing - and is a piece of cake both to configure and use. would like to get Cartes du Ciel and Stellarium to actually control the scope - but perhaps that's a battle for another day Next stop hooking up the Bresser camera and viewing directly on laptop via Cam Lab Lite. as regards the EQ Wedge - my intention is to use it for some astrophotography - if possible. The Celestron 127SLT does have an EQ North menu option - so (I'm told) the wedge should work.
  20. Apologies, if this is a repeat of previous questions. I'm completely new to this hobby, and the huge quantity of information available seems to take me off down rabbit-hole after rabbit-hole. ■ Current Setup: Celestron Nexstar 127SLT ■ asus Transformer Mini 4gb win10 laptop ■ 5m miniUSB >> USB-A cable ■ Current Software: Stellarium and cartes du ciel ■ On Order (awaiting delivery): Equatorial Wedge for Celestron NexStar SLT Stellarium |Software Questions: ■ how do i set it up to run in permanent windowed mode ■ can i reduce/scale window contents to fit visible window ■ can setup(s) be saved - to load/use again? Telescope Control: is there a simple (newbie) guide to ■ config menu ■ setting up the EQ wedge correctly - including polar and star alignment. ■ linking the scope to the laptop and controlling the scope via Stellarium or cartes du ciel. ■ can config be saved - to load/use again? - ie storing location, EQ North, Long/Lat etc thanks
  21. is there an option where i can still use the scope for seeing, with the camera piggybacked? or does that dovetail do that also? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/astro-essentials-vixen-type-photo-dovetail-bar.html if not, what would i need to piggyback the dslr to the tubering? i found this... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Telescope-Piggyback-Camera-Mount-for-Skywatcher-or-Celestron-127/401754070071 but think it maybe not sturdy enough?
  22. would something like this do the job? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Piggy-back-Camera-holder-with-Dovetail-clamp-for-Counterweight-Shaft/391489920219?epid=1174630978&hash=item5b269e1cdb:g:fJkAAOSwUlRbuDTo
  23. everything needed - including motorised tracking included?
  24. so my best option will be dslr on a motorised eq mount? - removing the scope from the imaging process completely? any reasonably-priced motorised/goto eq mounts available?
  25. Hi, just got myself a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT and would like get into Deep Sky photography, Im aware that: > I'll need an EQ Wedge (already ordered) to use with the Goto EQ (North) setup. > Adapter to connect either my Canon 1300d or 200d (prime) Now to my questions: # will the 127SLT accept a 2" T-Ring or is it limited to 1¼" ? # is prime the best route? i've heard that the resultant images will contain better colour than DSLR minus telescope # with EQ wedge/Goto and prime - what are longest realistic exposure times, how much of the rotation issue will still exist? # if the EQ/Goto combo is likely to work well - would I be better with long single exposures, or multiple short exposures thanks for any help.
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