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  1. No joy - its still doing the same thing. When I issue a slew command it slews to the general area then stops, then slews in stages further away in RA. The park position is also abut 45 degrees out. Any other ideas?
  2. Great tip - thanks Marcus - yes I could move the RA axis. I've tightened the clutch-ring up and will give it another test this evening.
  3. My AZEQ6 has started going haywire: Basically when I issue a slew command it starts moving toward the target, then starts going back and forth and eventually ends up pointing vertically - no matter what target I try to slew toward. This happens with both USB and hand-controller, worryingly it also happens without any mount or weights connected. I've had the mount for approx 18 months, its always had gremlins to be honest but this feels like a genuine failure. Its mounted outside on a pier and has solid mains power-supply (which has worked to-date). Any ideas / pointers etc on how I could fix or diagnose much appreciated. (missing out on some great skies :(
  4. Ok thanks for the info - really useful to know. I’ll get to work on proper calibration.
  5. Hey, I was just wondering whether the uncalibrated image is looking right. Calibration steps I've done before are: Dark calibration I havn't done so far with the Atik because it seemed the least of my worries having moved from a DSLR - the odd hot pixel felt livable for now, until I get the overall noise sorted. Master bias I've built up (I use the same master for each image & session) and have used that in calibration, but it makes little difference to the final image. Flats - I havn't taken these so far, mainly because I havn't got a decent lightbox I can use for each imaging session at night and I was concerned my lights weren't up to scratch / worth it. Am I right in thinking I need a separate flat for each filter, for each session? (before changing focus)
  6. Hi Folks. Just wanted to check what people think might be causing the noise in the image below (NGC2403). I keep getting similar problems with noisy background and would like to improve what I'm doing. I get this a similar pattern of noise on all filters, I'm imaging from just outside Bournemouth, but the back garden is really dark - this image is from last night. I've tried different background subtraction options in Pixinsight, but it feels like it needs correcting before that? Camera: Atik 314+ Scope: ED80 w/ Focal Length reducer & manual filter wheel Image: 30 x 2min subs. Lum Filter. Stacked in PIxinsight Processing: No Dark, Bias or Flats applied - although I've tried these before and they didn't seem to help much, other than with the vignetting. Easy could have done something wrong tho! Any help much appreciated - great forum btw!
  7. Quick update - did more testing this eve before it started raining. Ran through the instructions for polar alignment and its working well with subsequent three star align and GoTo accuracy. The Mel and Maz gradually dropped between each cycle as described. One final question : - When I two star align, then select one of the same two stars for Polar Alignment routine - it consistently fails to slew back to the alignment star with decent accruacy. (Its well out of the finder scope) Seems funny that it cant slew back to the star I've just used for alignment! When I do three star align its been pretty much bang on every star I've checked (including the alignment stars)
  8. Ok, firstly James and everyone else - thanks so much for the fast and detailed replies - really cool for a newcomer to this community & hobby! I didnt have as much time as I'd hoped as the clouds came in half way through testing, but here's a few initial results: 1) Polar Align vs Goto align - I'm good here on the difference between each, the previous errors in pointing actually came up after I'd pretty successfully aligned using 3 stars, then moved on to the handset's polar alignment / adjustment routine, and it didn't slew any where near to one of the stars I'd previously used for normal alignment. Drift aligning I've not tried yet but will definitely have a go in near future. 2) Reticle adjustment - you're not wrong on the frustration-front!...long story short its better than it was...I didn't find a target far-enough away but will take it out somewhere soon and improve this now I know better what I'm doing. 3) Location / date - really interesting info and makes sense thinking it through. I've triple-checked my data as well though and its solid. Didn't realise that levelling isn't such an issue, but I'll stick with getting it as close as poss to keep the number of variables down 4) Polar alignment / GoTo accuracy: The suggestions above helped and in the time I had last night I set about just practicing doing this - good advice and great guide James. I managed 1 & 1/2 runs through before clouds appeared, but certainly didnt see the same previous large errors in pointing between each routine - the power on/off part might have been the trick here, but not sure without more testing. I've turned the encoders off, so will test this next time. I'll also stick with three star align to help reduce potential cone error issues & see if I can do some adjustments 5) Firmware - its the version shipped with a new mount and pretty old. I tried flashing but couldn't get it to play with Windows 10 - the handset its detected with COM port, but the flash fails. I'll do some more research on this. 6) Backlash - this seems ok, the play is minimal and controller response is generally rapid. I'll stick with the advice on movement direction though. 7) Mirror flop / knocking mount etc - I've definitely done the latter before and hadn't even thought about the mirror being an issue. Its an SCT with focal reducer so definitely could be an issue. Finder scope - I dont actually have one at the moment, just a laser finder which I've re-adjusted and its bang-on with the telescope. One for the future purchase list (which doesn't exist if my other half asks!) 8) Power - the power-bank is struggling with the new mount after a couple of hours, so its time to upgrade - or better still get a 12v supply from the house...something I'd overlooked and another variable that's easy to take out the equation! Finally - why polar alignment? I've really enjoyed visual through the scope but imaging fascinates me, so I did some research and despite being eager to buy a different scope (more fun) I went with the advice of getting the foundations right first and buying a decent mount. It means I'm imaging through an SCT with reducer - realise that makes it harder straight off - but I love the solar system views I get through the scope so decided to keep it. I picked some auto-guiding gear up to help things out and initial results were ok - until I stumbled into the issues above. Running before walking...so the tips above have been great. When I get a chance to go out again I'll do some more testing and let you know how it pans out. Cheers, Chris
  9. Thanks for all the responses everyone - mega helpful! We're due clear sky's tonight so I'll have a go at the suggestions today / this eve and let you know how I get on.
  10. Hi, I'm having some issues with the azeq6 mount I've just bought: 1) when I put the mount into 'home' position with weights down etc the polarscope image is not aligned north/south correctly. It means I have to guess where north/south is by rotating the mount and I'm concerned I'm not getting a good polar alignment as a result. Any tips? Wondering if the platter has become unseated because it shifts around when I use the focusser. - pic attached 2) I rarely get a decent goto alignment with either 1,2 or 3 star align. The alignment is always reported as 'successful' by the controller but it rarely finds stars accurately after this. One solution I've found is to set the time forward by 15 mins which results in much better goto accuracy but doesn't seem the best solution. I've checked balance etc and it all looks good. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!
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