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  1. Thanks for the help all, google gave me the answer i wanted, why can't i delete posts?
  2. Hi all, i am after some opinions if at all possible. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-250px-flextube-dobsonian.html The scope , it's a f4.7 i belive Would a Baader Hyperion Mark IV Zoom with the Baader 2.25x Barlow for Zoom Hyperion be sutable for the 250px skywatcher flextube? i am still a bit torn on what ep to buy and this looks to cover quite alot for not a bad price £239 from FLO atm. The ep and barlow https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-planetarium/baader-hyperion-zoom-eyepiece.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/barlow-eyepieces/baader-hyperion-zoom-barlow.html Any info would be great please from somebody with that scope or another knowledgable forum member, my finger is on the buy button it's just i thought i would first ask here, thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks, i bought the left turn at orion book along with my scope but these look pretty decent aswell, bookmarked.
  4. This seems like a good bargain, good luck with the sale.
  5. Makes it worse that the old guy that owned it died not long ago, some people have zero morals, it's truely sickening.. hope they find the scope and the person/persons involved.
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcome.
  7. Thank you kindly all for the advice, it has helped me quite a bit, this forum is a valuable resource.
  8. Hello all, hopefully this is in the right place, i recently bought a 10" Skywatcher 250px Flextube, now i've had it a while i am looking to get some better quality eyepieces and now have my heart set on the Celestron X-Cel LX series as they seem good for the money and i really like the look of them, so anyway my question is what would be the best choice if i could buy 2 of them from the whole set for my scope, i am getting the Celestron X-Cel x2 Barlow aswell at the same time. Link with the sizes below. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-eyepieces/celestron-x-cel-lx-eyepiece.html i will get them all in time but for now 2 and the barlow would be fine. any help would be great, as i have read about the lenth of scope being a factor etc, but i do not truley understand it yet Thanks Limey21.
  9. Took the scope out last night for first light after the street lights switched off at 1am , being new and not having a clue i was basicly moving the scope around slowly trying to find things , i did find something which took my breath away, i can only guess it's what is called a star cluster it was like a burst of stars heavy inside lighter out on the edge but it was very tight and pretty well defined in the basic eyepeice that come with the scope, it really stood out and i was in awe to put it mildly, after 5 mins looking at it , i went to change the ep and must have knocked the scope off target because i lost it! i spent the rest of the night trying in vain to find it again but could not, even though it was brief i can honestly say it i will not forget it, the stars looked sharp and i'm really looking forward to seeing more. an added bonus was 3 shooting stars going through the viewer throughout the night, i've always liked them so it was good for me, it was only a 3 hour session because by 3:30am i was starting to feel the bite of the cold even with thermal socks and gloves, but it was very enjoyable, one thing that did surprise me is how fast that time went, i got in doors at about 4am but it went so quick. Thanks for the welcome, as i said this forum has been a wealth of info for me the last 2 weeks or so while i was deciding what scope to buy.
  10. Welcome Spacefish, i am very new here aswell, but it seems like a nice place.
  11. Thanks all, i have not had the scope out yet, been waiting for a Astrozap Lightshroud and the Premium cheshire from flo, oh and turn left at orion, collmination is a pain, but i think i finally got it, all seems centered now, about 20-30 mins into it i was wishing i got a laser one, but now it's done i feel ok =) it was pretty frustrating i will admit. Looking good for tonight now, clear skys at the moment.
  12. Hey all, just thought i would show my self after weeks of lurking and reading lots of usefull info, i'm very new to the hobby and having got a 76/700 for free i really enjoyed the moon through the scope and went on to buy a Sky-watcher flextube 250px a few weeks after , i'm really looking forward to many years of space watching with this new scope and i'll continue to lurk on the forum now and then =) Limey21
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