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  1. thank you very much!!!!! this is what ZWO say on the camera: "We recommend using a 12V/3-5A or more DC adapter for cooler power supply (2.1×5.5, center positive). Using a battery with 9-15V is also suitable for the cooler power supply. The anti-dew heater will heat the AR protect window to avoid any dew problems. The heat anti-dew heater power is around 3.6W and can be turn off in software to save power." so its sound that 100 battery will work to my mount and camera with no problems! it will work for 14 hours? the math is correct? and the 65 battery will be for the pc and in the future the dew heaters... (the advantageof a pc, is that not all the time using the battery of the 65ah, so basiclly the dew heaters most of the time will be alone on the 65 battery!)
  2. hello everyone! i have the eq6r pro mount from sky watcher and the zwo 071 mc pro cool camera (and maybe in the future dew heaters for my telescope). i currently have a deep cycle battery (65ah) that i want that this battery will be for my computer and for the dew heaters. my question is if i will buy a deep cycle battery 100ah for my mount and the camera, how much could i power both of them? (note: both of the batteries are AGM). will 100ah deep cycle battery will work for a whole night(maybe two nights), both for my mount and my camera or should i buy more powerfull battery? thank you very much!!!
  3. in which stage? i mean, where i need to choose it? and what does it mean PC-direct? it send the commands directly from the pc instead the st4? but i still be use the st4, right? sorry for all the questions... this topic is really confusing
  4. ok, so i will delete the skywatcher ascom... "In PHD2 select EQMOD HEQ5/EQ6 as your mount type" - but only when i will buy the cable, right? until then i can use the st4 cable for guiding and rs232 for stellarium?
  5. i downloaded this one - http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/downloadindex.html and from my understanding in order to connect them i need also the sky watcher ascom...
  6. ohh! so i will try to use it... but i still need to download the sky watcher ascom? and also the people in cloudy night offer me that cable... because i dont have it... https://www.amazon.com/Skywatcher-Telescope-Control-Serial-Converter/dp/B07HL2Z741/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=skywatcher+usb+cable&qid=1561911555&s=gateway&sr=8-3 thanks!!!!!!!!
  7. i had these windows... and maybe i download the wrong eqmod? this is what i downloaded - http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/downloadindex.html
  8. ommmm didn't saw this in my PC... i had a completely different window... the only thing is familiar to me is the elevation latitude and longitude... all the other i didn't had...
  9. wow thank you! maybe i will buy it! but i see you are using the same mount like i have, so way phd give me the message"mount does not support the required pulse guide interface"? you think i need to update my HC firmware? and how with this pegasus it is working? with the pegasus i can use the EQMOD and without it i have to use the ST4 cable? and i see that it connected to the hand control? how do you control the mount (align and all the other stuff you do in the HC?) via the pc? wich software you are using? thanks!!!!
  10. Geof - i connect with rs232 with adaptor to usb, work very good with stellarium, but with phd it dont work! Cornelius - i dont remember the options, can you remind me? in the windows when i put the paramaters? (focal length, aperture, my latitude and longitude, elevation, and the com port and etc...), i choose the equatorial...
  11. hello everyone! just got my first guide camera (asi 290mm mini) and immediately went to my pc and started to connect everything! the camera was a piece of cake (downloads the drivers and it connected very smoothly... although that in the main window of PHD2 it doesn't appear as the 290mm mini just as asi zwo camera, its good?) and the mount... well i downloaded from the sky watcher website the heq6r pro drivers for ascom, downloaded it, put the paramaters in the eqmod window (focal length, aperture, my latitude and longitude, elevation, and the com port and etc...) everything work very good until i came to PHD. the registration of the camera work smoothly but when i tried to choose the mount (in the options i had the option of sky watcher - the drivers that i downloaded), phd gave me the message "mount does not support the required pulse guide interface". what does it mean? i cant control the mount with phd via ascom/eqascom? just with the st4 cable? or maybe i need to update my synscan firmware? for now i connected to phd via the st4 cable, but what about ascom and eqmod? the eq6r pro just cant connected to phd with these software? (pulse guide?) thank you for your help!!!!!
  12. and how about the UHC? in cloudy night they suggested me that the UHC will be doing the best job... the neodymium block also the moon and also the light pollution? i think i have in the streets LED light... and preserve true and normal color and good color balanced? and the image stays good, you know... thanks!!
  13. Hello everyone i have the esprit 120 and the zwo asi 071 pro (i have not bought it yet but in the future i believe that i will buy. now i have canon not modified...) and want to buy a light pollution and moon filter (i dont know if i live in red zone but i have quite a few light pollution). from my understanding light pollution filter are good for nebulae because the light emitted from galaxies and from the moon/street light are the same wavelength so for galaxies there is not light pollution and just for nebulae (a.k.a moon and light pollution filter?) i hope that i informative myself good. i want a light pollution and moon filer that will be good for DSO astrophotography! i want that my picture will be in true real colors, like if you were to fly near the galaxy/nebulae so what kind of filter i need to buy? it looks like these are the best for my problem... anyone here used one of these filters? https://www.highpoin...ow-filter-fms-2 https://www.highpoin...-booster-fuhc-2 https://www.highpoin...ounted-lpro-200 https://optcorp.com/...2-round-mounted https://www.teleskop...hotography.html i saw this one and it looks very good and its answer to all of my problems but its a little bit expensive for me... https://www.highpoin...nh-200?amp;amp; but it looks like narrowband... and im looking for broadband... thank you very very much!!!! and sorry if my explanation was to complicated...
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