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  1. hi everyone! i have the esprit 120 from sky watcher and i have 2 question! 1) Some glue (i guess...) has dried on my telescope and I want to clean it. the problem is that the glue is very close to the dew shield (and very close to the mirror...). i used wet wipe (with soap and water), and tried to clean all the glue! but i have a question. is the wet wipe with the soap and the water can enter through the dew shield into the mirror and harm the optics there? like you see in the image (the image that shows the telescope itself and not the mirror), the dirt is very close to the dew sh
  2. hi everyone! i have the EQ6R PRO mount and my counterweight screws broked… and im searching for a lot of time new one! will this screws will work? how do they attach to the counterweight and to the counterweight bar? are they good? and what kind of screw i need to order? (for the AZEQ6 or NEQ6?), if they are not good, do you have any recommendations? thank you very very much!!!https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32814404861.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.4cf34c4dMhljWh
  3. hello everyone! i have the eq6r pro mount and one of my altitude bolts was ruined... is this bolts will work? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000160699389.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.ab645099kw0NvV&algo_pvid=66284a0f-4a4b-4189-93a6-6975830afa19&algo_expid=66284a0f-4a4b-4189-93a6-6975830afa19-40&btsid=0b0a187b15940459514681808e30f4&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ does the eq6r pro have M8 bolts? and 80 millimeters will be enough? thank you so much!!!
  4. well, i have spacers but that came with the camera. i need to check if they can fit in the unit. where i need to screw them? in the place where the spacer now?
  5. success! thank you for all the help!!! A didnt screw to B as you can see. but all the parts are connected good! the only thing is when i want to take the filter out (part c), i need to unscrew it a little bit because the spacer from the telescope Interferes with screwing out... but it looks ok, right? again big thanks to all of you!!!!
  6. michael8554 and MarkAR - thecamera looks like that! i can attach extender to the hole, but that is how the camera is built. and i will try to unscrew the focuser holder and try to attach! Ricochet - wow! its sound right. i will try to connect in the order that you wrote! you think that this spacer should work? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/astro-essentials-2-inch-t-mount-camera-nosepiece-adapter.html like that michael8554 suggested? E - i really dont know what is that... its really flexible small thing... thank you so much for the big help!!!!!!!
  7. michael8554 - what do you mean by "threaded end" to the focuser? (maybe in image 1 the cirrcle behind?) because i think that i dont know what kind of connections i have (i know that the camera have m42 i think...) you say that i need to disassembly the focuser of my telescope? i didnt understad... and the product that you sent supposed to attach the whole setup tot he telescope? MarkAR - i need to disassembly the focuser of my telescope? it doesn't weird that i need to disassembly my focuser of my telescope in order to attach a filter? why they did like that the unit?
  8. oh, sorry Which parts don't fit ? - everything! nothing of the parts that i bought fit to the telescope itself Which parts do fit ? - the only thing that fit is the filter chamber to the camera (like the second image) and the circle behind (the one that came with the telescope purchase) to the left circle in the first image (i think is the t-2 adapter?) maybe i didnt bought the correct parts? thanks!!
  9. well i pretty sure that this battery is not available to the world wide (i live in israel so i dont know if this battery will be available to all of the world). but the company name is WANGO CARAVANS thanks!!!!!!
  10. hello everyone! i have the esprit 120 telescope with the zwo asi 071 pro camera and the 2" L-pro filter. couple weeks ago i ordered the baader ufc filter unit in order to attach the filter to the camera and start to image from my house! but the problem that the connections are not connecting to my setup... i ordered the: M48 ADAPTER,T-2 ADAPTER, FILTER SLIDER, AND FILTER CHAMBER. but none of the things is attaching to my telescope. the only thing that i succeeded to connect is the filter itself to the camera (image attach), but beside from that nothing is working for me, am i doing somet
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