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  1. hello everyone i have the esprit 120 and the zwo asi 071 pro (i have not bought it yet but in the future i believe that i will buy. now i have canon not modified...) and want to buy a light pollution and moon filter (i dont know if i live in red zone but i have quite a few light pollution). from my understanding light pollution filter are good for nebulae because the light emitted from galaxies and from the moon/street light are the same wavelength so for galaxies there is not light pollution and just for nebulae (a.k.a moon and light pollution filter?) i hope that i informative myself good. i want a light pollution and moon filer that will be good for DSO astrophotography! i want that my picture will be in true real colors, like if you were to fly near the galaxy/nebulae so what kind of filter i need to buy? it looks like these are the best for my problem... anyone here used one of these filters? https://www.highpoin...ow-filter-fms-2 https://www.highpoin...-booster-fuhc-2 https://www.highpoin...ounted-lpro-200 https://optcorp.com/...2-round-mounted https://www.teleskop...hotography.html i saw this one and it looks very good and its answer to all of my problems but its a little bit expensive for me... https://www.highpoin...nh-200?amp;amp; but it looks like narrowband... and im looking for broadband... thank you very very much!!!! and sorry if my explanation was to complicated...
  2. but you can lock the focuser that it will not move... but i understand why strain on the focuser is not good... and also the scope?
  3. when you guys wrote the ASI ZWO 071, you refer to the PRO version? because i saw that there is a big difference between the PRO and the not pro version...
  4. also i saw that its hard to take flat image with the 071 (i thought to buy it) and im using off axis guiding, and some people told me that with OAG i need to use flat frames...
  5. sound great! good luck with it! its sound like the asi-air but without the option of the camera
  6. it seems that the ZWO is good camera to start with reasonable price the QSI is too complicated and the canon 6D is not dedicated, but good way to resume the astrophotography and the QHYCCD is high quality? because i saw the QHYCCD with the esprit, and the picture was not 100%... but maybe much of this is editing...
  7. INDI? so platesolve it is! i think the next time i will try from the APT!
  8. but if i just will stop imaging, wait that the target will pass the meridian, resume the guiding and the plane imaging? its sound that there are a lot of options to do a meridian flip...
  9. what do you mean onboard computer??? its sound crazy!!!!
  10. what is it osc? and wow, there are a lot of difference cameras... its hard to choose one! i saw that in QSI there are a lot of difference series, and i remember that i head about this company, a good and quality cameras...
  11. wow, i read on it right now from the APT manual, its sound crazy! but, an auto guiding will do the work as well, no? what is the difference between them except from the way they work?
  12. hello everyone im currently using canon 650D on the esprit 120 and i thinking to move on to the next level. at the beginning i wanted the canon 6D but after reading a little bit i realized that cooled dedicated astronomy camera will be better (color camera not mono. i want to start at first in color camera). so i have couple of question: 1) which camera should i buy? (or to stay with the canon 6D or even other DSLR camera?) from my understanding the ZWO ASI currently the best in the market? (for beginners?) 2) what is it "read noise"? and which read noise is the best - the highest or the lowest (i saw a numbers next to the read noise and i dont know if i need to search for the lower number or the higher number)? thank you very much!!!
  13. thanks alacant! maybe to wait that the object will move to the other part of the sky and then resume the plane is the best option! i think i will do it the next time! thanks! and what is platesolve? and what do you mean mount extension? and yeah, when the mount will move without the worry that it will hit the camera it will be great to be in peace of mind - flip while you slepp!
  14. i control the camera via APT and the mount via stellarium... but the the settings of the eq6r rpo the flipping mode is on auto, but the mount didnt done the flipping! am i doing something wrong or the software dont do their job? because its really bummer to stop the whole imaging session because the meridian flip...
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