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  1. My apologies to members; could not find a topic for this, so I had to create one. I lost my 1.25" eyepiece adapter at a star party in September, so I needed a replacement. I looked around all the online vendors in North America (I'm Canadian), and extraordinarily, could only find two. Then I looked at FLO. I've always wanted to support them, since they support this forum. They just never had what I needed at the right time/price. Remarkably, the price was one-half the American dealer's! So I ordered the part from FLO on 14 October, and it arrived this morning, 25 October. It fits
  2. Sidd, lest you be concerned about the quality of your equipment, I can tell you that I get the exact same results using a 3-6mm Nagler zoom eyepiece (it's a Televue product so you *know* it's good) on my 100mm Takahashi fluorite apochromat refractor (also clearly a high quality piece of equipment.) It's just the way optics works.
  3. Thanks for the clarification, Peter, I had not run across this article. Awesome photos! Paul
  4. TeleVue still appears to be in the business of NV ep's: http://televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=36
  5. oops, now it's *me* who took so long! I've been in hospital, but I'll check this as soon as I get the opportunity. Very grateful for the reference, R26!
  6. Thanks R26. Would that work for real-time viewing, or only for using recorded images/videos?
  7. Wow! Those are indeed wonderful images. I'm a new user of the Revolution R2 from California (the camera, not me!). I have gotten lovely colour views of M57, the Blinking Planetary, and an OK view of the Eskimo/Clown Face. I can't see any galaxies or star clusters at all. The galaxies I suspect are just a matter of more practice, but I think the problem with star clusters is the number of really bright hot pixels on my camera. I've got 17 super bright ones, and quite a few more small ones. Does anyone have any advice for how I might deal with this issue? It's lovely to see the colo
  8. Follow-up: About 40 minutes ago I set up the scope and focused on the Moon, and - lo and behold! - there was the Werner X! About a half-hour earlier than I was expecting. A very interesting sight, especially as it does appear to hover over the dark side of the terminator. I must admit though, that had I seen it years ago, I would have simply ascribed the phenomenon to the "mere" interplay of shadows on crater rims, and never given it a second thought. Still, very exciting to have seen it after hearing about it!
  9. Thank you, Centaur. I'll be giving this a try from my location this evening (Eastern Standard time zone.) Just read a fascinating article about it: http://wasociety.us/Lunar-X.pdf
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