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  1. Thanks Steve.

    Are you talking about a GOTO scope? as mine is an old simple equatorial CG5 mount. When you mention 'under solar system alignment' it sounds as though you are referring to a software application option or have I misunderstood what you said. Anyway, the old style polar scope which I sourced from FLO has just arrived today so it wasn't a bad deal for £20.00! At least my scope has all the bits now...just have to figure out how to use it all :)



  2. Thanks Steve. Well I have actually managed to find the old style polar scope at FLO. They just happened to have one sitting on a shelf for some time! Paid £20.00 for it and I am just waiting for it to be delivered. Even if I don't use it at least it completes the scope. I Suppose for general viewing (not photography), if the scope of basically pointing at the pole then tracking should be OK. I am not sure what you mean by planetary align as I am pretty much still a newbie...is this another alignment method.

    As the GT-8/CG5 is pretty heavy and I am getting on a bit I find it a bit of a struggle to cart it outside and set it up only to find it starts raining! My partner has just bought me a smaller and lighter Celestron 130 fi wireless GT scope for my birthday. Can't wait to test it out but the skys have been miserable around here in Dunstable since XMAS.


  3. I think what you are saying is the best solution. From what I have read polar alignment with a polar scope can be a pain and I have seen internet posts stating that the original CG5 polar scope (#94221) is almost useless. The Polemaster looks a bit pricy but in the long run it looks as if it is a good investment. I am not currently taking any photos as I am still getting to grips with the new tech but as soon as I do I think I will get one. I will still try to find an original polar scope so that my setup is at least complete if I every sell it to upgrade.

    Thanks very much for your help Peter



  4. Thanks Peter...I will check this out but looks a bit pricey and not quite sure how it works or where it fits.

    After more research I have found that the Celestron polar scope model number is 94221. Most of the adds are for the later 94223/4 so this is the problem. I have seen a few around on some web sites but most have been sold. Somebody also stated that the Ziel polar scope would fit.

    I have also seen another method without using a polar scope called drift alignment but I need to do some research on this.


  5. I have a Celestron 8" with CG-5 Mount that I purchase about 14 years go. I have not really used it much since due to family and work pressures but as I am close to retirement I am re kindling my interest in Astronomy. Over the years I have lost the polar scope an have been attempting to purchase a new one. My local astronomy shop had what looks to be the correct one in stock bit it would not fit. I Tried both the CG4 and CG5 polar scopes but the tube is too wide. The polar scope for my old mount must be thinner than the later ones. I have contacted Celestron but they can't help. Does anyone know what the problem is or where I might obtain one for the older mount. If not are there any other methods for performing polar alignment without using the polar scope. I have heard of some software that does this but only with GT mounts. I would eventually like to do some astrophotography but it appears that polar alignment is critical for good results.

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