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  1. well, 2nd ortho eyepiece arrived today.
    Do not ask me how much I had to google to get to this. BGOs are no longer sold or produced.
    Many thanks to guys from Supra Prague. Proud to own 12.5mm Baader Genuine Ortho, can't wait to try it out on Moon. I believe this will be my dedicated lunar eyepiece in my 127Mak



  2. My first Ortho just arrived, namely Baader Classic Ortho 18mm. I considered many EPs and I needed something in the range of 18-24mm, as currently I have only 15mm and then 32mm.
    Quick daytime test revealed more vivid colours and somewhat brighter and more contrasty image compared to my current favourite ES70 15mm.
    Eye relief is nowhere near as bad as I expected.
    So excited, like a little kid! Can't wait for nighttime!


    1. Knighty2112


      I just got a second hand Baader Genuine Ortho 7mm EP off a member on here. Got some great solar views yesterday. Hoping to catch the a good look at the moon tonight with them if the skies are clear. 

    2. kilix


      how'd it go?
      I still did not manage to try the EP properly, it's cloudy here all the time. I have big hopes for today's night thou.

  3. Yesterday I got a first light on my new ST80/400. What a nice little scope. I like it already. The views it gives are not unsimilar to a pair of binoculars... except a bit more powerful. And it is even lighter than my 10x50 bins. No wonder that it is a well known and well liked travel scope. Those wide-field views complement my Maksutov nicely and I can't wait for summer to take it for a hike/camp somewhere dark.

    The AZ3 mount needs a little tweaking thou, but that is perfectly fine with me, I am certainly not both-hands-left-handed. Modding it with counterweight is in progress. What surprised me, is the sturdiness of the AZ3 mount and tripod. Better than AZ GoTo tripod which comes with SkyMax 127 (and Skymax is almost 4x more expensive than this).

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