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  1. Congratulations I take it there is no online link for this?
  2. I could see space between mars and the "objects" which were small dots. And @ Stave thanks for the link.
  3. Yes I am sure I didn't see the moons but I was confused by an object on opposite sides of Mars which I couldn't find on Starry Night. I looked at it a good few times to make sure I could see those objects but still baffled as to what they were. Thanks anyways
  4. I viewed Jupiter tonight and some of the moons but I foolishly agreed to go the shops so I didnt get as much Jupiter time as I would have liked. A also hadn't set the scope up but just about made a viewing in time before I lost it in Suburbia! Galileo was probably looking down on me and laughing whilst uttering the word....NEWB!
  5. I can see Mars at the moment (23.30) I see an object below it and an object above it both which are faint. Not exactly above below, a little tilted. Looking st Starry Night the 2 moons and a star of Leo are on the same side so I am confused as to what is on the opposite side. I am viewing from Liverpool (UK). Also as Mars is a bit bright is there a filter I should use to bring out some of the detail as well as higher mag? Using a Heritage 130P and 10mm (65x) EP Thanks
  6. Thanks Mark, very useful. I will try number 1 tonight if its possible from my urban locale
  7. Its arrived \o/ It looks new \o/ It had no bits rolling around on the Primary mirror \o/ Roll on Jupiter o'clock in a couple of hours time \o/ Can you tell I am excited? (substitue relieved)
  8. Thanks, I found this very helpful and I am ordering the book now
  9. Yes think I can see the lonesome Jupiter in the sky at the moment but please correct me if I am wrong (very new to this). I am going to meet my local Astronomy Society and quite excited about the clear skies!
  10. I am constantly amazed by the images that are posted on this site. I wont respond to all but just wanted to thank the people that post these amazing pictures. Keep up the great work
  11. I am looking for a 2x Barlow. Sorry to jump into this thread but I hope the answers are useful for all. Is the TAL on the FLO website a 1.25" model? Does anyone have an opinion on the TAL versus Skywatcher Barlow. Both are pretty cheap so I would prefer the better performance.
  12. So scope no 3 is arriving tomorrow. I just hope its in one piece and its new i.e. not the one that was in the rain and got cleaned up...
  13. a) where you went to get advice Google led me to: Beginner Astronomer Tips, First Telescope how helpful (or not) was the advice I found it very useful. c) what sort of scopes did you look at I looked at a Goto scope before settling on the newtonian/dob which the site recommended d) what did you buy Skywatcher Heritage 130 e) why did you buy what you bought I tried to get the Orion Skyquest 6" but the dollar to pound was not good so the shop I contacted recommend Skywatcher. This was a present for my daughter so I liked the idea of the special deisgn on the tube. It wasn't a huge amount of money and would allow us to try Astronomy to see if we really liked it before investing too much. f) how has it worked out - what do you like with it/dislike with it Will update when I can - have had some problems getting the scope!
  14. Count me in for some of that, heliboarding/powder all day and the universe at night, perfect! If you do decide on a filter let me know what you think as I have a 130 also. (tomorrow I hope)
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