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  1. My 8SE was off-balance at first with a heavy eyepiece, focal reducer, and Star Sense camera. It was very jerky in altitude and not accurate in slewing. After I slid the OTA forward, all seems well.
  2. I appreciate this post as I am experiencing frustration with balance isssues on my 8SE. I am using large 1.5 inch eyepieces, not two inch, but the scope/mount/tripod is quite jittery and hard to focus. I was considering the purchase of an Evolution mount for it, and that combination would probably work well. However, I was thinking that if I was going to spend all that money on a mount, perhaps I would go for the Evolution 9.25. Your posts indicate I would encounter the same problem with an undersized mount as I currently have.
  3. Does the laptop actually take 12V? Most of the ones I've seen need a 19V power supply. If it was supposed to be 19V, it might draw a lot of current if you tried to operate it at 12V.
  4. My guess is a combination of seeing and reflections. Venus is extremely bright!
  5. The manual is also available on the Celestron website.
  6. I purchased a new 8SE from an authorized dealer about a month ago and, here in the US, it came with none of those items except the manual. It came with download instructions for Starry Night, which I think will control the scope, although I have not tried it. I don't think anything is missing except maybe the manual.
  7. Hi! My first post! I got a new 8SE a few weeks ago and discovered that most of my problems related to the AA batteries in the mount getting weak, which they do quite soon. Then my scope moves randomly or points straight up. You would be much better off by connecting the mount to an external DC power supply, if you have not already done so. I would also advise you to take the time to learn where some stars or other bodies are and use them to align. Right now you might choose Polaris (the north star,) the moon, and Venus. Hang in there, you'll get it!
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