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  1. Astrophotography Made Easy - Home I forgot to add the link! I am thinking of getting this and then saving for a decent camera lens. I take it I will need to get some filters as well and so advice on these would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks all for all the advice on my thread so far. I really like the idea of the astrosTrac and think that this could be an easier setup for me. Am I right in thinking that all I need to do is buy all that is in the below link and a decent 200mm lense for my camera would be enough to take some decent pictures? Also just wanted to highlight that I have a canon eos 500d.... Is this up to the job? Thanks again, Jon
  3. Good evening all, I am hoping that some of you could give me some advice on a predicament that I have got myself into. I currently have a skywatcher dob 200p with the basic azimuth mount that came with it and have used it on and off for the past year and taken a few basic short exposure shots of the moon and planets with my dslr camera (canon eos 500d). I am now wanting to start taking the more advanced pics of dso's etc and so know that I will need to buy a goto mount. I believe that I have two options which are to either buy a decent mount like the heq5 which will set me back £800 or alternatively sell my dob and and buy a new scope that comes with a mount. Please can you guys and gals give me your opinion on the above and suggest the best route for reaching my target of putting my camera to good use? Please appreciate my limit is around £800 although I would love to be able to spend more. Jon
  4. I have already tried the M setting and all variation of ISO and can't get anything! Very frustrating!
  5. Good evening all, Just to let you all know that I ended up going for the Canon EOS 500D and so ended up spending a little more than I had budgeted for!..... woops! I believe that I know need to get an adaptor for the scope to link up with the camera and so will start the search soon! Out of interest, does anyone know what setting to use on the camera for taking pictures of the night sky? I for some reason can not get the camera to take pics out in the dark! The manual is like a bible which I will read but thought some one may be able to provide a quick users guide!?? Thanks again! Jon
  6. Light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks very much! I think I could quite easily work with some software to stack pictures and so might give it a go! Thanks v much!
  7. It looks as though I may take a step back for a while as I am unsure on being able to splash out £700 minimum on a mount that will manage the scope that I have! I was a little nieve thinking that £400 would cover the mount! Thanks all for the advice!
  8. Hmm looks like I am going to have to invest in a mount pretty quick and so may sell my nintendo wii to fund it! Now I just have to work out what mount I need! lol I would guess that a Skywatcher NEQ3 Deluxe Computerised GoTo mount wouldn't be big enough for my 8" dob!
  9. Can anyone shed light on my above comments?
  10. Surely I will get good shots of clusters and an ok shot of M42 for example? Am I being a terrible newb or would it be possible? I know that I wont get the high colour detail shots like what is posted on here but the camera must be able to do some good shots!? I will eventually get a tracking mount and so would be interested to know if camera's around the £400 mark will take decent long exposure shots!?
  11. I am actually only going for an SLR camera so that I can have a stab at astrophotography but do have other things that I will use it for justifying the £400! I should probably re-word my question! I could spend £200 on a half decent camera but wanted to know if it would be worth spending £400 on an SLR camera that I can use with my telescope but want to know if: a) A £400 camera is capable of decent dso, planetary shots etc Is it possible to get any worth while shots without a tracking mount! i.e Not just a whole memory card of moon shots!
  12. Good evening All! I am going to purchase an SLR camera this weekend and have a budget of £400 and was hoping you could all help me decide what would be best to go for! I have been looking at the Nikon D3000 & Olympus E-450 to give an idea of the spec that I can afford. I am a newb to the whole hobby and have a Dobsonian 200p that is on the standard wooden base! I know that tracking objects and taking long exposure shots will be near on impossible but imagine that I will still get some nice shots! I will be using the camera for taking detailed shots of my reef aquarium and so won't be wasting the money! I know you will all probably suggest getting a tracking mount first but the £400 comes in the form of capital bond vouchers meaning that the camera has to come first! Any way! let me know what your thoughts are and if I will be able to take any decent pics without tracking!
  13. Hi Everyone! Thanks to everyone for giving there advice and displaying patience with me! I have purchased a 12mm paradigm ep and also a 5mm Celestron X-cel ep instead of a 2x barlow that I think is a good choice! I will probably invest in a decent lower mag ep in the near future but hope that the above will get me going with planetary and dso observation! Thanks again, Jon
  14. Thanks to Russ I have the ep dilema sorted and now want to confirm one thing on the barlow lense! Should I go for the Tal Barlow or Skywatcher deluxe that is £5 cheaper? I am not prepared on spending more than £50 on a barlow at this moment in time and these are both within range!
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