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    M109 - 6

    From the album: Alien's Album

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    NGC891 - 5

    From the album: Alien's Album

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    M1- 3

    From the album: Alien's Album

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    M74 - 2

    From the album: Alien's Album

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    M27 - 1

    From the album: Alien's Album

  6. Hello everybody, Just a little message to present myself. I'm from Switzerland, My passion for astronomy has begun when I was 15 years old (nom I'm 22). I'm currently studying economics (bachelor) at the university of Geneva so I don't have a lot of time for astronomy ... My first telescope was a Sky-watcher 10" (254mm) and now I do some astrophotography. I'll post some of my first shoots in the appropriate section later on Nothing more to say except that the motivation behind my registration in this forum is also to practice my english. Mixing passion and utility, what else ?
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