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  1. Giro are nice mounts but they are missing slow motion controls which is a nice feature on the SkyTee. The dovetail clamps on the SkyTee however is a rather costly and unnecessary upgrade for a already expensive mount. I'll have another look at Giro
  2. Specs according to skywatcher website. No problem with SkyTee. With AZ4 it's on limits I believe. If the number are correct of course...
  3. I'm looking at the 150P (150/750) DS-version and it's 1kg more than the 150P
  4. Thanks for sharing. What telescope are you using with the SkyTee?
  5. The SkyTee2 looks to be the best choice for the 6 inch newtonian. Anyone know why det SkyTee-2 is no longer displayed on the Skywatcher website?
  6. Thanks. I learned that there have been some issues with the dovetail. Are there other issues I should know about?
  7. Looking for alt azinuth mount to support a Skywatcher 150P. The SkyTee-2 looks like a mount that can handle the payload of this telescope. How portable is this mount compared to other alt az mounts like AZ4? There aren't much information about this mount. I was hoping anyone here who have this mount or have experience with it to chime in. Thank you.
  8. True. I don't know if the figures can be completely trusted. The GSO ATZ is rated to 8kg. Length of the telescope is also important. If the mount can handle a 6kg SCT it not certain it can handle a 6kg newtonian.
  9. Porta II is very nice but I'm not sure it can handle the payload of a 150 newtonian. It's bundled with a 130 newtonian from Vixen so a 130 should be ok. Anyway, 150 newtonian on alt az mount is a compremise between portability and stability.
  10. Thanks for sharing mate. Me, I'm currently looking at the 130PDS or 150PDS on AZ4. PDS version is future proof incase of imaging. Too bad the AZ4 is missing slow motion control. Did you miss skow motion control on the AZ4?
  11. +1 I'm also looking at the same setup. I would also like to hear about your experience.
  12. I've read that MAK is best for observing the solar system and that a reflector is more versatile (also good for solar system) MAK vs reflector with the same magnification, let's say x150 - which will give me the most detailed and sharpest visual image of the planets?
  13. Interesting to know how they compare. I have nothing against Skywatcher but IMO a telescope should be white
  14. Thank you. Can anyone comment on how they compare mechanically?
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