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  1. Regarding the Zomei Z888 photo tripod mentioned in the thread I linked to, I should just add that the Neewer version undercuts it by quite a bit. Even though it's rated to 15kg and Zomei 18kg (lol), they look exactly the same to me. The Neewer carbon fiber is currently £73 while the Zomei carbon fibre is £130 and aluminium £80. FWIW https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neewer-centimeters-Monopod-Camcorder-kilograms/dp/B071CV3RX7/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  2. 3.1kg actually . Here a thread using, gulp, just a baader v dove tail, for low to medium power viewing
  3. Just How Good Are Canon 15x50 IS Binoculars?

    I actually recently returned a pair of Canon 10x30 II IS because that slight swimming sensation made me feel unwell. On one occasion, I had to lie down for an hour after having used them for just a couple of minutes! This phenomenon apparently affects some more than others and I am obviously one of the unlucky ones. Shame because they were down to about £360 a few months ago when I bought them. However, I ended up spending the refund money (with some change to spare) on a pair of Nikon 8x30 E2, imported from Japan, and am happy with the outcome. The Canon IS models are really great, just not for me .
  4. Just How Good Are Canon 15x50 IS Binoculars?

    Have amended my previous post that wasn't completely clear (lol, early morning post). I own one of those neck tripods and, while useful, they can transmit hearbeat with regular binos because one end of it sits on your chest. My point was that this downside of the Konig should be eliminated when using Canon IS binos and thus it could be a good aid in supporting the heavier IS models for longer viewing sessions. The Konig is aluminium I think but it is very light. It attaches directly to the binos, via a quick release plate, without any ball head in between, and it extends from 19 to 31 cms via the clip thing. You simply adjust your head and body position, plus tripod height, to view the night sky. Maybe I should apply for a job with Konig's marketing department?
  5. Just How Good Are Canon 15x50 IS Binoculars?

    1180 grams excluding batteries., according to Canon. For longer viewing sessions while abroad, you could use a Konig neck tripod. The Canon would presumably eliminate any heartbeat pulse that can be detectable when viewing through non IS binos. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Konig-Neck-Camera-Camcorder-Tripod/dp/B003HIE116/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_421_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=MPSXVXDA3CDA2766QXKN
  6. Hi @FLO. Is it true that the AZ-gti has been pushed back to June too? Cheers,
  7. grab and go mount

    Hiya. One more scope you might want to consider is the TS photoline 80 f7 APO, for £475 at today's rate. It has a sliding dew shield, so compacts down to 46cms and has a good R&P focuser. Despite the extra half kilo, I guess it should still be fine on your mount and you could use a lighter 1.25" diagonal to keep the weight down. It is basically the same as the Stellarvue SV80A, if you want to read opinions over on Cloudy Night. Granted, it may be a little over budget but not excessively so. Anyhow, I've just ordered it myself after a lot of consideration over which refractor to get https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p8637_TS-Optics-PHOTOLINE-80-mm-f-7-FPL53-Apo---2-5--Focuser.html
  8. 80ed vs 72ed evostar

    Indeed but he's also mentioned the ED80 in his first post and subsequently
  9. 80ed vs 72ed evostar

    Not sure if the OP is interested in visual or AP (or both)? While the TS72 is a very attractive proposition (interested in it myself), for visual use wouldn't there be a little less visible field curvature with the ED80's 600 fl, compared to the 435mm of the TS? Granted, this is a highly subjective (non) issue.
  10. That size and focal ratio will probably be my next scope . The mask, extra rings, handle and dial of the Zenithstar are nice, but is it any better than the cheaper Photoline 4" f7/ apo doublet? It's the TS version from the same Chinese source as the Stellarvue SV102-Access. TS Photoline TSAPO102F7
  11. grab and go mount

    Thanks. AFAIK, none of the regular UK retailers (inc Rother Valley) have the 'mount only' in stock. The shipment I think is due sometime this month or possibly next.
  12. grab and go mount

    Hiya. Where from?
  13. Thanks have PM'd.. That was quite a coincidence!
  14. Hi. I'm looking for a decent quality and value 1.25 diagonal and have noticed the Revelation ones being recommended on SGL quite often: https://www.telescopehouse.com/revelation-dielectric-99-quartz-1-25-diagonal.html They seem to be unavailable, so I'm wondering if anyone can point me towards a retailer with available stock for that model or something similar? Thanks!