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  1. Owned a MZ for several months before taking the test in '84. Freezing winter that year and rather clunky to operate in the cold, as I remember Own a Yamaha these days and looking to buy a geared tripod, lighter than the Ravelli, for bike rides to nearby darker observing sites.
  2. I hear purple is most effective
  3. maybe a small dab of Thread Lock might help?
  4. The ED's? I was on the site a few weeks ago but didn't notice them there. UK price at Rother Valley is £800 and around £600 from APM. Quite a difference!
  5. Rother Valley sell them but much more expensive than direct from APM. Your best bet might be to order from APM and return if not suitable. It will be at your expense to return them (unless faulty) which at a very rough guess might set you back £20-£30, depending on insured or not.
  6. Cheers, sounds a great option for an ultra lightweight set up! £40 for the tripod adapter seems overpriced though
  7. Nikon Prostaff 7s 10x42 is currently discounted to £149 at Curry's and whatsit_azon. You get a really bright, clear view and (reportedly) flatter towards the edge than the more expensive Monarch 5's. They have phase coatings but inferior control of stray light compared to the Pentax SP's. Eye relief is 15.5mm but I just tested them and had an unrestricted view with the cups screwed in. Could be a decent, less cumbersome option for travelling, along with a Konig neck strap tripod, if you don't mind the less than exemplary stray light performance .
  8. Hi Alfian. I'm aware that the Pentax SP WP models have very good optics with a flat field to near the edge. It's more the narrow apparent FOV that I wonder might be troublesome.
  9. As great as they are, isn't the reported ~50 degree AFOV (50mm models) and ~43 degree AFOV (20x60) rather narrow?
  10. Here's exactly the same one for a bit more (it's sold under a few names, such as Strathspey and Danubia).
  11. Nice list. Why is the Celestron your favourite and are they a big step up over the Pentax?
  12. Shame about the cloudy weather of late but looking forward to reading how they compare to the Lunts/ Opticron WP Observations . I believe the 70mm Lunt's have larger than average oculars (21.5mm approx for the lens portion) and generous exit pupil, which is useful for those with narrow IPD. Are the Lightquest 16x70 eyecup/ lenses the same in that respect?
  13. tripod

    congrats. There's a thread somewhere (on this forum I think) that recommended adding 'Lock Thread' to certain nuts (?) on this tripod. They were noted to be prone to falling off.
  14. Congrats, the prices of the 10x50 & 12x50 are very competitive at FLO. Would be interested to hear how you get on with them.
  15. thanks! Regrettably, I've now returned those Helios Natursports 8x40 because the view felt awkward and not quite as sharp as they should be (even though the full circular image was visible). Did some extensive digging online and finally found this review, which confirmed my own measurements of 59mm minimum IPD (my pupils are 57mm apart). Shame Helios don't state it, as it would have saved time and bother: I've now ordered a pair of Pentax SP 8x40 WP at a keen price, which supposedly are about 56mm. Fingers crossed they work for me!