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  1. I have the same challenge as you. Kowa 6x30 and 8x30 YF (and the similar Vortex Raptor) close down to 50mm and have good quality optics. The 6x30 are down to £82 at the moment, which is great value. The Canon 10x30 and 12x36 IS models, have a stated IPD of 55mm, so might be worth a try from a retailer with a good return policy https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/binoculars/is-binoculars/10-x-30-is
  2. I think you did have. If you can manage the 15x50's 1180 gram weight while walking (really needs to be ascertained before any final decisons), then that would be a clear upgrade over the 10x30's. At that weight level there would also be various non IS contenders with higher quality glass, from the lighter Bushnell 10x42 Legend M (750 grams) to the Nikon Monarch 5 16x56 (1230g). There's also the Steiner 2310 Nighthunter 8x56 (1090g) and currently on offer at £644. I think you may have tbh. It's been said on these pages that the 10x30is (when stabilised) is roughly comparable to a budget 10x50 for stargazing, and the 12x36is a better quality 10x50. The 12x36 is definitely worth considering, but maybe not worth the extra expenditure or loss on selling the 10x30's. I personally use a pair of Kowa 6x30 YF's while walking at night, as anything more substantial gets in the way of the exercising for me. I did try the 10x30is but made me feel nauseous, due to a perceptible slight swimming effect that affects a small percentage of users.
  3. What head is that, out of interest?
  4. have you considered contacting the retailer for repair, replacement or refund?
  5. lol, the pound and dollar appear to be in parity in skysafari land..
  6. Hi Gavstar. Nice photos! Just curious, is this replacing your TS Optics 72mm/ F6/ 432 APO and would you say it's worth the premium? ?
  7. Steve, is there anything between the 8x42 and 10x50 performance wise for astronomy only? (above and beyond the obvious exit pupil, aperture and weight differences). I'm thinking of getting a x10 pair of one or the other model but still undecided. No probs waiting for the review though..?
  8. Great price. Any mount recommendations for visual?
  9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neewer-centimeters-Monopod-Camcorder-kilograms/dp/B071CV3RX7/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 This is the CF version of the Zomei Z888 Alu tripod I have. The latter, without head, weighs 1368 measured, so this should be 150ish grams less than I would have thought? The Zomei is pretty solid btw..
  10. Well, the lighter IV weighs 290 grams and I would imagine the III not that much more. That's good to hear, so my Celestron Zoom should be fine. Thanks.. How about the 456 gram Morpheus though? ?
  11. This scope does not have the 'sturdiest' of focusers, with somewhat flimsy-looking plastic housing that attaches to the OTA. Is there a rough EP weight threshold that one should aim not to exceed? For example, I have a Celestron Regal M2 Zoom (300grams) and was wondering if that was starting to push it a little, bearing in mind BST EP's are around 180 grams, depending on FL. Anyhow, I've been advised by one of the astro retailers not to use a Morpheus 12.5 (456 grams, according to Baader) but to choose something lighter and wonder if this would be agreed with here?
  12. thanks, I'm at about that thread engagement. Not sure why the mount spins without coming off sometimes. The azimuth clutch knob should be loose or tightened up when removing the mount?
  13. I could be up for it but shorter observing sessions not too far from London would be my preference initially. My neck of the woods is more A10 than A1 and have noticed on the map that bortle 4 areas are only 20-30 mins drive north of the M25, albeit with London still to the south. But you are looking to go further afield though? Bortle 7/8 around here Talking of which there's the Letchworth & District Astro Soc in that area I've noticed. Thanks for the heads up, didn't know about them!
  14. Hi. Regarding attaching my new 1.5kg AZ-gti mount to a Zomei Z888 photo tripod. Quick question: How many millimetres of bolt should I have protruding out of the tripod, Currently it's 8mm, I'd say. The black disc thing should be fully tightened down and you simply rotate the mount on the bolt until it's fully home? A couple of times when detaching the mount, it disconcertingly has just turned around without unscrewing as I've turned it anti clockwise..before finally releasing. Just want to check I'm doing it correctly.
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