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  2. My daughter has a toy pirates telescope from the front of a CBeebies magazine, and has seen the Clangers on the moon with it. So, all hope is not lost.
  3. For what it's worth, I bought the Skyliner 200P (slightly larger than the 150P) as a beginner earlier this year and don't regret a thing.
  4. I'm well accustomed with the northern sky, to do this from unfamiliar skies is a welcome change in my opinion.
  5. -favourite telescope: SW 200P dob -favourite planet: Saturn -favourite star: Castor -favourite nebula: M97 -favourite galaxy: M33 -favourite cluster: Hyades -favourite observing site: Back garden -favourite target: At the moment, tight doubles
  6. I have seen M65/M66 in my 10x50 binoculars, so you definitely have the aperture required. So echoing others sentiments, I'd suggest the skies are the issue.
  7. Another new guy here! Naked eye: Mizar & Alcor, Hyades, and the constellations in general Binoculars: M44, Pleaides, and not so good to look at in bins but impressive nonetheless the Crab Nebula Telescope: I've only had the chance to use mine once, and the full moon was out, but I was impressed when splitting Rigel and Castor.
  8. I've only had a couple of clear nights over the last few weeks, and both of them the moon was almost full and high in the sky, so I couldn't see a lot either!
  9. I've had no problems with delivery of the S@N magazine itself, but the 'gift' that came with the subscription (started early December) still hasn't arrived. Every phone call promises it will be delivered "within the next 48 hours", but 2 months later still no joy...
  10. I get a consistent NELM of about 4.8, with many nights hitting 5. I get hints of the milky way and M31 is visible with averted vision. The sky to the north is my worst, but it's blocked by the house so I don't observe that way anyway. I've seen M33, M1, M81/82 amongst others through my binoculars. So, pretty good I would say, although they could also be better.
  11. Awesome, just want I needed to know. Thanks for the help.
  12. Good question. My budget is £300-350, so most likely a 127.
  13. I currently have a pair of 10x50 bins, with a view to getting a scope in the next couple of months, once I've sold one of my bikes to make some room/money. Like all newbies I was heading towards an 8" dob, but have recently found a love for double stars and while reading about them, have learnt the merit of maks. Basically what I'm asking is, how much of a compromise would I be making regarding the rest of the night sky if I got a mak just to focus on doubles?
  14. They're not the best skies in Cornwall, I live in the middle of a village and 3 miles or so from a decent sized town so there is a bit of light pollution. But from the back garden much of the milky way is just about naked eye visible and so is M31 if you know what to look for so I can't complain!
  15. Hi SGL Long time lurker, I've decided to take the plunge and join the party. Current owner of some 'budget' 10x50 binoculars which have served me more than adequately, with the intention of acquiring a dob, once I can make some space to keep it that is! I look forward to firing off plenty of daft questions. Clear skies, James
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